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whole ( hōl/ )

1. All of; entire.
2. In an unbroken or undamaged state; in one piece.

1. A thing that is complete in itself.


I had just settled into my apartment and there was already a knock on my door.

I looked through the peep hole before opening it. "May I help you?" I asked the girl.

"Hi, I'm Emily. I'm your neighbor, I live across the hall. I just noticed you moving in, so I decided to stop by and welcome you. Welcome!" she said in one breath.

The girl had green eyes and long, copper hair. Her pale skin had freckles. She had a petite frame and she stood at an average height.

"Are you a hugger?" she put her hand on her hips. "I'm a hugger. I love hugging people. Can I have a hug?"

"Um, sure,"

She quickly took me into a warm embrace and inhaled my scent.

"Is that A Thousand Wishes from Bath and Body works that you're wearing?"

Just as I was about to speak, she spoke again.

"I think we were meant to be friends. I LOVE that scent. I work at bath and body works. I could totally give you discounts," she smiled widely. "Did I already tell you that my name is Emily? You can call me Em, or Milly though. That's what my roommate, Keisha, calls me,"

I stayed quiet because I knew she was about to say something else.

"Geesh, where are my manners? What's your name?"


"Wait! Don't tell me," she threw her hands up in the air. "I wanna guess it,"

I didn't have time for this.



"Awe, you look like an Erin," Emily went on to attempt and guess my name for two minutes. She said so many names that started with an E, I almost forgot my actual name.

"Esined," I said, making her pause.

"What kind of shit is that? I would have never guessed that,"

I frowned. "It's my name. What kind of basic shit is Emily?"

Emily frowned at me. "You remind me of my roommate, Deja. What does your name mean anyway?"

"It means that my mom enjoys putting names backwards. I thought your roommates name was Keisha,"

"It's three of us. What is Esined frontwards?"


"Can I call you Denise?"


"You just look like a Denise more than an Esined,"


"Keisha and I are gonna get dinner soon. Do you wanna join us? We can show you around. You're going to Princeton, right?"

"I think I'm gonna rest. I'm pretty tired," I said. "But thank you for the offer, Emily,"

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