Chapter 16

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Reader's POV

You silently walked into Sabertooth, but with your luck everyone turned to you. The slayers looked delighted while Yukinno looked like she saw a ghost.

You looked her way and smirked. "So Yukinno about the other day..."

You took a step closer to her, causing her to take a step back. "I was really shocked, hell I was taken aback! But if you really want to fight then..."

You took another step forward, causing her to take a step back. This repeated until she hit the wall. The cool wall pressed against her semi-bare skin, making her shiver in fear and for sudden contact.

"Look (Y/N) I'm truly sorry I don't know what came over me-" she was interrupted by you talking over her.

"Divine Weapon deploy; Shuriken." You said calmly, but on the inside your vanes pumped with adrenaline.

You threw a shuriken, and time seemed to slow. It seemed to go slower and slower by every waking moment until finally it landed.

It just missed at a point where a cut wouldn't be deep, but it sliced her cheek and cut five strands of hair.

Your weapon disappeared into hexagons and irregular quadrilaterals causing everyone to look more shocked then before. Yukinno looked scared.

"I'm sorry! I just really like-" she looked over to Sting and Rouge. "Well you know..."

"No I don't Yukinno. Please tell me. What is the matter. Or did you just try to kill me for fun."

She hesitated. She opened her mouth but closed it in an instants.

The guild's doors gently opened, but still caught everyone's attention. Levin stood there, blush coating his cheeks because of embarrassment.

"(Y/N) I need you right this instant." He said in his deep voice. All the girls had love hearts in their eyes, including Yukinno and even Minerva.

"Why?" You asked, becoming worried that it maybe serious. "Wendy's hurt. Really bad." He paused and lowered his voice a little. "And then we need to have a DW meeting with all of us. Please Fairy Tail needs you."

You stood silently then looked Levin straight in the eye. You both nodded and bolted out of the door. Yukinno sighed out of relief.

~Time skip~

When you arrived, you saw everyone crying and bundled in a corner. You pushed your way through the crowd.

You gasped, seeing Wendy lying on her back, her breathing slowing very second. "Everyone back up!" You yelled.

Everyone looked confused, but followed your order. Soon everyone had made a circle surrounding you and Wendy.

"Divine Warrior call in! Mimi the Forest Fairy!" You shouted. A green sparkling trail appeared, going in a motion of a tornado.

Mimi stood, her black hair in a long ponytail and green eyes sparkling. She had a skater skirt that was green and a white blouse. She saw Wendy and as soon as she made eye contact with the dull colorless eyes, she was at your side.

"(Y/N) this will hurt you okay?" You planned on healing her, and you've never done it before. You just quickly nodded.

Mimi and you started to float in the air. Your eyes were closed. You and Mimi made in a magic circle above Wendy.

Then the pain started. You and Mimi screamed. The magic circle grew wider, and your screams grew louder.
Suddenly, Mimi flew back and hit the wall. You couldn't speak. You stopped screaming, and the pain vanished.

Wendy opened her eyes. She was wearing a soft lavender color dress that reached her ankles. She had no shoes.

Her wounds were gone. Mimi stood from her spot and put a hand on your shoulder, startling you. "I have to go. I used up a little to much magic. Her wounds were severe. Feel better." She said and dissipated into irregular quadrilaterals.

They were green, and sparkled. They lit up the whole room. They made the room a bright green, causing everyone to close their eyes.

When the light was gone; Mimi no longer stood there. But in her place there was a small green teddy bear.

You scooped down and picked it up. Realizing there was a card, you read the green print.

"Dear Wendy,

'I hope you feel better. I saw what happened to you on our archive here. I'm very sorry that this happened to you. I will not say in the card what happened because I don't have your permission. Seeing as (Y/N) is so nosy that she's probably reading this aloud to everyone right now.'

You nervously laughed, seeing as how she knew. In a wink of an eye, you were looking around for any archives. Sighing of relief when there was none, you turned back to Wendy. All eyes were on you or the small child, but you didn't care.

You saw Lucy and Juvia hugging the girl. They were crying. Carla was on her head trying to fight back tears.

All of a sudden you heard your name being called a few times. Your (E/C) eyes went dull, and the back of your head met the hard ground. You melted into the hug the dark abyss offered.

Your eyes closed to Gajeel hovering over you.

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