Just Visiting

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(Just so you guys know, in this story Jack does not have a Girlfriend)

I finished packing up my suitcase for my flight to LA. I was visiting Mark for a few days just so we could just hang out with each other. Its been forever since I've actually seen him in person.

I've been really looking forward to hanging out with Mark. He's one of my bestfriends and to be honest, I've missed him a lot.

I zipped up my suitcase and set it beside my bed so it was ready for tomorrow. I got dressed into more comfortable clothes and climbed into bed. I was so tired and I had a really long day tomorrow.

I closed my eyes letting my mind doze off until I finally fell asleep...

~ Time Skip~

I posted a status onto Twitter from the airport saying I would be in L.A. soon. I got hundreds of comments of people saying they wish they could see me, random questions, and of course, Septiplier comments.

I laughed at some of these comments and clicked out of Twitter, turning off my phone. It was time to board the plane.

Wow, in 11 hours I'll actually get to see my best friend again. This made me grin as I took my seat.

~Another Time Skip~

I woke up to the plane lowering onto the ground. Wow, I can't believe I slept through that entire flight. I pulled out my phone to text Mark.

Jack: the planes about to land. :D

Mark: great, I'll be waiting for you at the airport. :P

I read the text and put my phone back into my pocket. The plane finally landed and I practically jumped out of my seat. I was so excited to see Mark again.

I walked out into the airport to see Mark waiting for me. I ran up to him and hugged him tightly before pulling away.

"Its great to see you again Mark!" I said grinning.

He patted me on the back "Its great to see you too buddy. I've missed you."

We walked to baggage claim and got my suitcase. We left the airport to Marks car. I put my suitcase into the trunk and climbed into the passenger seat.

Mark climbed into the drivers seat and stared at me for a moment before starting the car, blushing slightly. What was up with him?

It was silent for a while. Mark just kept staring out the windshield. I had to break this silence.

"Uh Mark, are you ok?" I asked a little concerned. He was acting really strange.

"I'm fine I just got a lot on my mind I guess..." He said looking down for a second but then started looking through the windshield again.

"Anything you wanna talk about?" I asked. I didn't want Mark to feel alone or anything like that.

He thought for a second. "Ok Jack... I think-" His sentence was cut off my a loud honk from behind him. Mark stuck his hand out the window and flipped the guy off but then continued to drive.

"You think what? Mark." I asked.

"Never mind Jack, it's really stupid." He said as we finally arrived at his house.

We got out of the car and I got my suitcase out of the trunk. I followed Mark into the house.

His house was a lot bigger than I remembered. He kept it fairly clean. I liked his house, it was very nice.

He led me into the guest bedroom. "This is where you will be sleeping. Make yourself at home and feel free to use my equipment if you need to record anything."

I nodded setting my suitcase down. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bed, making him sit down next to me.

"Mark, I want you to finish telling me what's bothering you." I say looking into his eyes.

He stares back for a minute but then puts his face in his hands. "Jack it's nothing I swear." He says through his hands.

"It's obviously something Mark and I don't wanna see you feeling this way."

Mark took his head out of his hands and laughed. "Jack... it's just something really.... really stupid and things won't be the same between us if I tell you." He looked at me in the eyes again.

I shook my head "Mark nothing will change between us I promise, please just tell me what it is so I don't have to worry about you... I really care about you." I say looking down.

I look back up at Mark to see him staring at me again. He then looks the opposite direction sighing. He looked down and said "Uh...I really like you Jack... but I like you more than a best friend..." He still wasn't looking at me.

My jaw dropped, "Wait what??"

Mark sighed from annoyance and finally looked at me, "Oh my god Jack! I said I like you ok? That's right, I have this big stupid crush on you! Septiplier away and all that bullshit..." Mark said sounding kind of angry but staring at me for my reaction.

I started grinning and hugged him. "Awww my Markimoo likes me!" I was unbelievably happy right now.

I pulled away. Mark looked confused. "Wait..." Mark said trying to figure out what had just happened.

"Oh my god, I like you too ya big doof!" I said still smiling. I cant believe Mark actually likes me!

His entire face lit up, "Really??"

"Well yea... You should have told me sooner Mark."

"Well I just never thought you would like me back..." said Mark smiling and blushing.

"Well I do... and now you have to deal with me." I said leaning in and kissing my Markimoo's nose.

I pulled away, just to be pulled back in by Mark to kiss his lips.

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