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"jack, what's this?" i smile, examining all of the things in jack's hands and arms.

"girly gifts that i told you i'd buy." he grins.

"i'm serious." i laugh. "what's this for?"

"my way of apologizing. i dragged sam along with me to buy all of this." he replies.

my smiles frowns bigger and i place a long, brief kiss on his soft lips. his tongue flicks across the seam of my lips and i part them to give him better access to my mouth.

"mmm." he hums against my lips. "maybe i should buy you more things if this is what i get in return."

"we don't have room for flowers." i mock, taking them from his hands and placing them on the counter along with the other things.

"i said we don't have room for adrian's flowers." he clarifies, being sure to emphasize the name.

i roll my eyes and smile at his childish behavior. i finish placing the gifts on the table and jack's hand suddenly collides with my butt, making me jump.

"jack." i scold.

"nova." he grins, hugging me around my waist and burying his nose in my hair. "what are you doing to me?"

"i'm not doing anything." i remark, smirking.

"life is good. we're together and we live together."

"don't forget that it started with you calling me names every chance you got."

i hoist myself up on the marble counter and jack stands in between my legs, looking up at me with content.

"can i tell you something?" i ask. "personal."

"of course. anything." he replies as i run my fingers through his dark hair.

i press my lips together and then inhale a deep breath. this is the topic that i hate talking about the most.

"you already know that my parents are divorced and you know how fucked up my mom is." i start.

he nods, "not trying to be rude, but yes."

"but i never told you about my dad."

when i say this, he straightens his stance and looks more alert. i haven't opened up to anyone about this and i'm willingly telling my roommate?

"i really do want you to meet him-"

"i'd love to meet him." he cuts me off.

"but," i drag out and jack's eyebrows pull together. "he has dementia and i'm not sure if it'd be worth the trip to arizona. he won't even remember you afterward. he hardly remembers me."

"i'm sorry, baby." jack softly and quietly says.

i shake my head, "it's not your fault."

as if on cue, sam comes bursting through the door. i jump off of the counter, pushing jack back a little. i try to mask my sadness with a smile on my face.

"i thought i got rid of cara!" he exclaims, locking the door. "i need a fake girlfriend or something.

when he says that, he looks at me and jack notices, narrowing his eyes menacingly.

"no way. find your own girl."

"nova is my girl." sam jokes, slinging his arm around my shoulders.

"you're not funny." jack tells him.

"can you set me up with someone? just a fake date or something." he pleads.

"i don't know anyone here except cara and amber." i answer, trying to reason.

sam's eyes dart to jack who is picking at the flowers petals.

"we have to resort to our old friends."

"no." jack instantly says.

"he's only saying no because he sexed every girl." sam points out.

i can't help but since at his words. sam needs to just shut his mouth and go to a club.

"why would you say that?" jack snaps, clenching his jaw.

"now who would be willing enough to pretend to fake date me? stas, madison, emily t, or-"

"i don't know. i don't care." he is cut off by jack. "any of them."

"why don't you ask one of your sisters friends?" i suggest.

sam grimaces, "that's a terrible idea." he chuckles, producing his phone from his pocket to text people.

"or just tell cara the truth because either way, i have to be there to deal with her heartbreak." i say, trying to avoid eye contact with jack, but i know that he's watching me.

"why can't you just be my fake girlfriend?"

"because i'm not trying to ruin my friendship with cara. i already messed up with amber, but it was his fault." i tell sam, pointing to jack.

jack looks offended, "only because i was trying to make you jealous." he admits.

sam shakes his head, "you guys are a mess. thanks for nothing. i'll stop by later, so nova, don't forget to make food."

i look at him questionably as he slyly leaves my apartment, looking both ways in the hall so see if cara and amber are incoming.

"we always fight when other people are involved."

"then what are you suggesting?" i narrow my eyes at him. "to seclude ourselves?"


"let's not mention our past."

"sam did! it's not even my fault." jack argues, trying to make a point.

"this is really low of me, i understand, but how many girls have you been with?"

"come on, nova." jack licks his lips. "don't ask me that."

"if you tell me, i'll tell you."

"you first."

"no, you first." i tell him.

"i can't even remember the number."

my eyebrows raise, "that many?"

"see, now you're mad at me."

"i'm not mad."

"how many have you been with?" he questions, crossing his arms across his chest.

his toned arms bulge when he does that and i pick at my nails. my number is ridiculous compared to his.

"i want to know." he pushes.


"with or without adrian?" he raises an eyebrow.


"see, we could work if we're being honest with one another." he says, his lips lifting into a small smile.

"this conversation didn't even start with trust because i trust you. i was just asking how many girls you've slept with." i shrug.

"been with and sleeping with are two different things."

"you're unbelievable." i shake my head, taking a seat on a stool.

"i'm making this conversation worse, aren't i?" he asks, sitting next to me.

"just a little." i respond.

he sighs, "come here."

he grabs my arms, pulling me onto his lap. i look down at my hands and he covers them with his own hands.

"i don't like arguing with you." he admits.

"what makes you think that i like arguing with you?"

"you don't and i know that. so, let's try not to fight with each other."

"and if we do," i pause, wondering if i really want to put out this challenge. "if we argue one more time in the next two weeks, we're not meant for each other."

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