Chapter 40

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All was silent. Save from the ticking of the clocks, and the sound of the old house settling, we sat on the back porch. Trey had ordered a huge selection of pizzas and after gorging ourselves and sharing a beer for those who weren't driving, we said goodbye. I still couldn't believe how many people had rolled up, ready to shift furniture and help with the few remaining cleaning jobs. The day left me humbled. But we were all tired. The girls headed up to their bedroom, excited to have Sofia stay with them in a few days. I headed in to say goodnight, and even though they had separate rooms, I found them in the same bed, exhausted, and snoring. Kissing them, and wrapping them in the blanket, I tiptoed down to where Sydney had uncapped a beer and positioned herself, cross legged on the back porch. I had one of those moments, just watching her, hair loose and damp from her shower, dressed in a red satin night dress. Butterfly necklace around her slender neck. She arrested my mind, hypnotic and alluring, there was no way I'd ever tire of her infinite beauty.

She still seemed like some untouchable mirage. But this time, I hadn't dreamt her up.

'Its perfect.' She gushed, looking out at the garden, and I smiled at Arlo, curled up beside the back door. He'd spent the afternoon running around the garden chasing scents. Now deep in slumber, I smiled as doggy dreams took over. He was as tired as the girls had been.

'It is perfect.' I said, taking her in, drinking her in with my eyes, and sitting down beside her. 'And it's all ours.'

I pulled her into my arms, and she rested her head on my thigh eliciting a response that only she could. An intensity of carnal emotion that only she could evoke.

'I love it here.' She said, breathily. 'Our own piece of the universe....'

I bent down, to kiss her delicious mouth, one hand sliding down to her pert, firm breast, the nipple knifing at the satin material.

'Do you want to christen our new bed?' She asked, huskily, arching against me, just slightly.

'No....I think I want to take you right here.'


Sliding up her dress, she revealed her blissfully bare skin, and nestling between her legs, my sweat pants discarded, I thrust into her burning core. Once again I didn't feel the rough wood beneath my knees, nor the cool evening breeze. All I felt was her warmth, her intoxicating body rippling below mine, the low moans that worked me into ecstasy. As I came, I looked into her eyes, feeling the way she tightened around me, and how she drank in every ounce of my essence. It was rapturous, beyond sexuality, beyond rousing.

She was a walking aphrodisiac. She could literally have me on my knees with one touch. And those eyes. Those amazing eyes.

'I hope that's a baby.' I whispered, and at that moment she reached her own peak and gripped my now spent organ inside of her.

She giggled, leaning forward to kiss my chest, her hair tickling my skin.

'I want to make you pregnant.' I told her, ardently, 'I want to grow someone inside of you. Soon.'

She laughed, pulling me down on top of her, so she could crash her lips against mine and plunder my mouth with her sweet, loving tongue. She pulled away slightly, peppering the corners of my mouth with kisses, running her tongue over the seams of my lips.

'I want your babies.' She told me, fiercely, between kisses. 'I love feeling you come inside me.'

And that was all I needed to take her again. This time, lifting her against the back wall of the house, I thrust into her soft satiny depths, lifting her against me, savouring every tremor of her perfect body. I didn't care whether it happened in a month, two months, a year, five years. I knew there was more to the story of Danny Delaney. I knew this house would be filled to the rafters with laughter and little feet in the hallway, and the scent of those delectable pies wafting through my home. Our home. And I knew how much the girls wanted another sibling. Someone to dote on, like they did with Sofia.

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