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"Can we go home now?-" she ran a hand through her hair. "I'm hungry, and I really want the sushi roll you make." she said in a playful voice while looking at me out of one eye. I smiled widely at her request and nodded my head excitedly.

"Of course!"


"I can't believe those four idiots are still picking on you." Sora sighed heavily as we walked out of the school's front door. She held the door open for me as I just smiled at her statement. Usually I tired to avoid talking about my bullying situations with her, since she usually just ends up getting really worked up and hunting down whoever said anything. I swear if it were up to her, I would still be home-schooled and probably wouldn't be around anyone my age. That's how it has been my entire life, well, our entire lives; she and I were always home-schooled by private tutors. We were raised to believe it was safer for us, and even if we are no longer at the Main house, I know Sora wasn't too happy about me pushing to join a public school. Honestly I think the only thing keeping her from forcing me to stay home with her, is my enjoyment of other people. It was nice talking with friends that I make, especially since we were still semi 'new' here; we've only been here for about five or six months, so until another person shows up from another place, then we were stuck as the 'new kids'. This is the second time we've been labeled 'new kids', the first time didn't go over so well and honestly just thinking about it left a bitter taste in my mouth. 

"You know, they probably wouldn't bother you so much, if you stopped trying to be friendly with that boy from this morning; he's nothing but trouble. Him and his supposed cousin. And even that girl that was with them." she shook her head with a blank look on her face while she stared at something up at the front gate of the school. 

Looking down at the ground while thinking over her words I nodded my head, she was right, the 'Yuki Fan-club' probably would leave me alone if I stopped attempting to talk to him; but what kind of life is that? Literally not being able to speak to anyone because girl's won't allow people to speak to you? Not being able to make friends because someone else is calling the shots? That's no way to live life; I know that one first hand. Well, my sister and I both know how that feels first hand. 

"So, I should stop trying to make friends with Yuki, all because somebody has a problem with it?" I questioned with a darker voice making Sora stare at me with an unknown expression. "That just sounds way too familiar." I mumbled out before looking up to see Sora was back to looking at something at the gate; I realized that I had stopped walking moments ago when I was lost in my thoughts. Looking forward confused as to what she was staring at, I saw Yuki leaning against the pillar seeming to be waiting for someone. He was most likely waiting for Torhu, but it wouldn't hurt to say hello since we were going to pass by him anyways. Those stupid fangirls aren't going to beat me that easily, it's only polite to say hello.

"Speak of the Devil and he shall appear. Go on ahead, I'm sure you would like to say hello." she shook her head disappointingly but shooed me away before walking slower so she fell behind a bit, I watched her for a few seconds before I nodded my head. My guess is she was going to wait behind us while he and I talked; she tired her best to be welcoming when it counted; I guess I should be thankful for that much. She tried hard to make me happy, even if went against her better judgement sometimes and for that I'm forever thankful. Taking my sister's advice, I quickly sped up my steps holding my school bag in front of my legs with both hands. I watched his face as he seemed to notice me; the purple haired boy gave me his signature 'Prince Yuki' smile as I got closer. 

"Hello there, Miss. Hanajima." he spoke softly with a closed eyed smile. Immediately my heart began beating faster, but it probably wasn't beating faster for the same reason as other girls; I absolutely hated when people gave out fake facial expressions, and he was a master. It was an annoying pet-peeve of mine but something about his always pulled at my chest. I can see his pain even if he could hide it very well; it wasn't something that was hard to see whenever you've lived your life behind a fake persona as well. 

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