Chapter 6 - Mix-signals

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"I know why your always feeling this way around Naruto. . . It's because. . . You love him."

". . .You love him. . ."

Neji's words were imprinted into my mind, and no matter how much I tried to ignore them, they'd just sneak into the back of my mind again. It kept me from concentrating in class, it would just tickle my mind and distract me.

I don't love him, it's that simple, so why does my mind think otherwise? Why does my mind tell me I do? It doesn't make sense. As the teacher spoke, I would jot down notes, but somehow I would end up writing Naruto's name over and over again unintentionally. Luckily I was sitting in the back row by myself, so I could quickly rip out that page, scrunching it into my pocket. I huffed in annoyance at my stupid behaviour, an Uchiha like myself shouldn't be acting this way. . .


Naruto's P.O.V

As I sat in chemistry class, I chewed on the end of my pencil.

Sasuke has been acting so weird today, in P.E he was acting all stiff, and in Maths he wouldn't talk to me at all. He is so annoying! I asked if something was wrong but he wouldn't tell me, he just scoffs at me and brushes me off like I'm not even there–he can be an ass.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sudden chime of the bell, signalling the end of another painful school day.


"Sasuke! Wait up!"

I blurt out as I see the familiar raven haired boy walk towards the school gate. He quickly glances at me, and I'm surprised when a look of panic flashes across his features. He stiffens as I approach him.

What's with him?!

"See ya Kiba."

I say to the boy slouching next to me, his white dog sitting in his school bag, growling at students waking by. I've always wondered how Kiba hasn't gotten caught with Akamaru before? He's been keeping that dog in his bag for over three years, it's a miracle I guess.

I walk away from Kiba and approach Sasuke. I pat him on the shoulder and start walking out of the school, occasionally glancing over at the Uchiha to make sure he doesn't try anything funny, like running off on me.

"Hey! Is it ok if I come over to your house?"

I ask, looking down at the dry concrete path. The shadows created by the nearby tree swayed in the gentle breeze and cast over us, as we continued to walk along side each other.

"Come over? Why?"

He questions, giving me a quizzical look, I just roll my eyes.

"I haven't been over in a while, and besides, I need help with my maths homework."

I reply, staring at Sasuke's face intently. I could tell he was uncomfortable, it's the way his eyes dart around and bites his bottom lip that gives it away–after knowing Sasuke for almost your whole life, it's kinda hard not to know his weaknesses.

"Hn, yeah whatever. . ."

He blankly answers, darting his eyes back to the path. I clench my fists, and huff in exasperation.

With both hands, I aggressively grab at the Uchiha's collar and bring him to my line of vision. Sasuke's blue tinted eyes grew wide as I snarl at him.

"What the hell is wrong with you?! Your acting so contempt towards me and it's really pissing me off! I know it's usual for you to act all uptight and stuff, but this isn't normal–and the worst thing is that you won't tell me what's gotten you in such a shitty mood!!""

I yell, narrowing my blue orbs onto his dark ones. Getting all that off my chest felt a lot better, all the resent I was feeling towards him right now needed to escape my system.

"I haven't asked you to look out for me have I? Your just riling yourself up for no reason, you dumbass."

He calmly states, his lips curled into a smirk.

I swear, if Sasuke's attitude could get more sullen and hostile, I would punch the living shit out of him. I tighten my grip on his shirt and bring his face closer to mine.

"Well, I haven't asked you to be such an asshole did I?"

I say, my eye twitching as Sasuke's smirk grew bigger.

"Oh, did I hit a nerve?"

He snickers at me, his eyes gleaming with triumph as he brings one hand to my wrist. His grip is tight, he tugs at my arm but I resist, continuing to clench onto his collar.

Suddenly I feel a strong push against my back. It forces me forward, I trip on my own feet and falling on top of Sasuke.

It felt like it was all in slow motion, neither of us had time to stop the fall, and what was even worse was that I could feel something warm on my lips. . .

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