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| mara st. claire's point of view

"You're in love with Yoongi and you want him to like you too, right?" The question came from Park Jimin's mouth.

He's one of the members of the Bangtan Boys, a famous group in my school, known for being mischief makers, and my first love, Yoongi, belonged to their clique.

Our faces were in such close proximity that I was basically breathing his breath. I couldn't move because he got me cornered against the wall. What a way to welcome the new girl.

Jimin smirked before he pulled away from me. "Sit." He then gestured for me to sit down on one of the empty chairs as he took his seat on top of the teacher's table, looking at me as if I'm naked.

"We can help you with that." He added, gesturing to his friends, Jungkook and Taehyung. "We can actually talk Yoongi into dating you. But. We want something in return. After all, you can't get anything for free these days."

He pulled up another smirk. As much as I hated to admit it, I couldn't deny the attraction I felt to him. I'd be a liar if I say I didn't feel anything. I tried to distract myself, turning my attention to Jungkook and Taehyung but it wasn't of any help since both of them are just as attractive as the guy in front of me.

"What do you have in mind?" I spoke rather sternly.

"First, we'll need your cooperation." Taehyung dragged a chair beside me and sat himself down. He leaned forward and played with the ends of my hair, "Can we expect that from you?"

"Tell me what you want me to do first. I, at least, have the right to know what I'm getting into, right?" I told tell them and this time, Jungkook was the one to answer me.

"You have every right to know what kind of trouble you're getting yourself into.." Jungkook had the same smug smirk on. I might as well call them the smirk boys.

"Cut the shit, will you? Just get to the point already." I ran my mouth impatiently. Can't help it. I'm a fighter.

"Language, babe." Jimin said as he sent me a smile. Fuck boy.

"Alright, I'll cut to the chase." Jungkook swiped his tongue over his dry lips, "We need you to pretend to be our girlfriend." He laid the proposal on the table. My mind somehow had trouble processing what he just said and I was left staring at him, "Did you hear me?" he snapped his fingers at me. "Mara."

My name on his tongue brought me back from my own trance, "Wait. So I'm going to date the three of you?"

"In a way, yes, but obviously you're not going to date all three of us at the same time." Jimin clarified the confusion that showed on my face. It was that obvious. "You're going to date Taehyung first. Then after him, would be Jungkook and then me. It's actually pretty simple if you think about it."

"But why do I need to be your pretend girlfriend?" I couldn't see the logic behind their suggestions and how they'd possibly benefit from this, how I would benefit from this.

Taehyung stood up and sent his hand on the desk, "Because we want to make our ex girlfriends jealous. I want them to regret dumping us and come begging us to take them back."

I sat there, staring at his dark eyes, absorbing everything like a sponge as I contemplate on my options, "How will Suga like me then? It doesn't make sense."

"He will like you." Jimin threw a glance at my direction, dragging his tempting tongue over his lower lip. "Oh wait, let me rephrase that.. He won't just like you. He'll completely fall for you, Mara. Trust me. We have our ways."

"We'll tell him that you're only helping us out with something." Taehyung added with a smile.

They gave me a moment to think but all their gazes made me feel a bit pressured and maybe a little bit turned on because damn they're fine and I couldn't deny it even if I want to. I was having conflicting emotions. Something tells me to do it while my mind is strongly against the idea of it all. They seem sketchy but they're the closest to Yoongi so they know what he's like.

I didn't notice Jungkook walk up from behind me, not until his breath touched the back of my neck. He leaned in closer and positioned his lips beside my ear, his hands rested on my shoulders.

I didn't believe in Satan or the Devil, but that was until I heard Lucifer himself whispering in my ear, tempting me to take a bite of the forbidden fruit;

"Are you gonna do it or not?"

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