cнapтer one

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Grayson's POV

My brother and I got in my car to drive to school I wore the usual
White t-shirt leather jacket and ripped blue jeans and a pair of vans I waited for my brother to buckle up his seat belt his messy hair was killing me he looked so tired yet awfully cute. He looked at me with his tired eyes "grayson can we get coffee before we head to school" I nodded coffee sounds good about now as I started the car I began to put my sest belt on before moving the car I looked at Ethan his eyes had bags but when he was looking out the window they kind of glitter in the light I interrupted "hey uh what do you want Ethan? I'm almost near Starbucks" Ethan looked at me tired and just about ready to pass out "maybe just s frappé" I nodded before pulling into a drive way at Starbucks I pulled up and looked at the menu I didn't look at Ethan only at the menu "hey what flavor ? I'm getting just a regular coffee" ethan looked over for a second and look a bit annoyed "caramel" he finally said I wouldn't blame him for being tired it was SCHOOL the hell hole of which we dread. As we got our coffee we were headed to school, when we pulled up to our school kids were talking and doing such things Ethan groaned a bit as he slowly unlatch his seat belt to be honest it was kind of cute when he groaned he sounded like a kid but you know with a deep voice ethan pulled out the car before I did I sighed and also got out of the car I walked with Ethan to the school building as we walked in there was loads of teens talking filled the room me and Ethan had different classes I looked at him " meet me after class to walk to Mr.Robertson I have to renew my ID card" Ethan looked at me with a faint smile " well gets us out of class for like five minutes" he snorted and I smiled as I walked to class we had to Part ways as I had Mrs.Sachs my history teacher and he had ms.Manson our biology teacher I went upstairs to my class room holding my books up to class.

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