" It can't be Ci do you think he knows?" I asked worldly as I paced back and forth my flat  "idk you guys were pretty drunk and after the party Dev rushed off" she said " oh... God he knows what we did because I haven't seen him since the party .... I think I need a pregnancy test come on" I said getting up to get my keys "Hold up I got one in my purse" Ciara chirped reaching into the duffle bag she called a purse ( I mean it was huge)"why do you... Never mind" I said baffled as I  snatched the test from her hand and walked  into the bathroom "here we go" I mumbled

5 min
"Is it done yet?" Ci yelled through the door "no not yet!!!" I said as I held the stick in my shaking hand. This moment will determine how my future friendship with him will end up either bad or good.

10 min
"What about now" she yelled again "no Ci..." I said annoyed.
I sat there as I saw the plus sign pop up. I felt the whole world stop for a moment as tears ran down my face. " can't happen" I croaked This was a nightmare but I couldn't wake up from it.

15 min
"What does i..." I cut her off by opening the door with tears in my eyes " I'm pregnant" I cried as I fell into her arms. "You don't want the baby?" She asked concerned "it's not that it's just I'm only 18 and I don't wanna ruin Devin's  career he's just getting started how am I gone tell Him" I groaned  "tell me what?" My head turned towards the door to see my bestfriend and the father of my unborn child.... Devin Booker 

Pt. 3 soon

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