I've been home for a few days. I stay to myself not letting anyone see me. I've had people knock on my food trying to bring me food, but I would never open the door. I'm especially hiding from Rylie and Ryan.

I know that Rylie didn't do nothing, but she's related to Ryan. And she's my best friend, always has been since 5th grade, but they are twins and they look alike, very so EveryTime I'm with her, I see him. The same nose, The same goofy smile, the same sparkle in their eyes, everything about her was a splitting image of him.

I got a call that saying that our school is finished being inspected and things damaged were repaired, so we start back tomorrow.

I got dressed and went to dance class. No, I didn't go through the front door. like I said I didn't want anyone to see me, so I- like the smart person I am, I jumped out the window. Its not like I haven't done it before, only when I wanted to sneak out the house for reasons.

It was fun. No one at my school goes there, so that meant no drama. Dancing is probably the only think that can clear my mind from anything.

"Lilian, I love youuuu," I said as I wrapped my hands around the girl who was laughing hysterically.

"I love you too, rat." she said nudging me a little.

"so, do you want to hangout, go to a party or something." I asked her as we were walking out the building and to her car.

"Sure, but lets go to this small party that this guy I know is having."


she was right. it was a small party. we walked in the party as she introduced me to some people.

"Lily," someone shouted. we turned around when a boy jogged over to us and pulled Lilian into a hug. she giggled before pecking his cheek.

he smiled oat her before his eyes wondered over to me. "hi, you must be Lisa, Lily talks about you all the time. im Jaxon." he said putting out his hand. I put my hand out to shake his, but instead of shaking my hand, he pulled my hand and hugged me. we pulled apart, before both lily and jax, introduce me to some other people.


The party was ending and it was time to go. everyone had already left except for Lilian, Jaxon, and the others I met. we help the host clean up the trash. I found out that the host was a ,blue eye, tall, muscular, boy named Gabriel. In the end, we all exchange numbers, and I had lilian to take me home.

"bye babe," she said, playfully blowing kisses to me.

"bye Hun," I said catching all the kisses she had blown to me.

she chuckled at me before driving off. I climbed on the tree and held on to the limb to get back in my room.

I sighed once I got back in my room before I went into the shower.

later that night, I stayed up texting all night with everyone that was at the party in a group chat.

haiiii. im good with this for some reason. it was actually shorter, but I decided to write more.

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