2: His Gang Girl

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My mom hummed happily as she bounced around the kitchen placing tray after tray of food on the table of four men, I only recognized one as Mat a member of my fathers gang. The other three men I did not know.
"Oh there she is." My mom beamed at me and I couldn't help but give a little smile back, she grabbed my arm and yanked my towards the table the men sat at.
"Avery this is emit, jax and drew, they are Ryder's best men." I nodded at her then to the boys. Jax gave me a boyish grin and I could already tell he was a joker, drew gave me a smile and scooped eggs into his mouth and emit just nodded in my direction.
"Mat was just telling them about you." My mother gushed bringing waffles to the table, I looked over at mat and he gave a cheesy smile.
"Good things I hope." I mutter plopping in a seat sipping my apple juice.
"Yeah he told us about you being apart of you're dads gang and being one of his best hand to hand combat fighters and sniper!" Jax exclaimed slapping more waffles on his plate. "He also told us about your knife obsession." I raised a brow to mat.
"I do not have a knife 'obsession'" I rolled my eyes at them.
"Oh hush dear you know you do. Now eat." My mother came back over grabbing a plate and piling it with all my favorite foods, OK maybe I had a little obsession.
Some girls liked diamonds and I liked knives.
"Where's Ryder anyway?" mat asked like the nosey little weasel he is.
"In a meeting." My mom muttered eating her own food, I felt my stomach churn at the thought of leaving my family behind but I really had no choice here. My gang was my family and by doing this I was protecting them.
"Excuse me, I'm no longer hungry." I stood. My mother looked up to me nodding understandingly. I walked out to the back porch and sat in the swing chair.
Pulling out my pocket knife I twirled it in my hands staring at my reflection.
For my family.

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