Christmas Confessions

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            “Merry Christmas!” Eva and Lily sang as they waltzed into the office with cherry red dresses lined with white fur. Each had a platter of festive pastries, from red velvet cake to Santa biscuits.

            “Very nice,” Will, who was lounging on the couch, grinned at Eva. “Although you’re chest seems to be lacking, your legs are certainly-”

            A star shaped cookie went flying, only to sail right through his head and hit Nathan, who was demonically filling out piles and piles of paperwork. When the crumbs landed on his paper, Eva’s platter of food went ablaze.

            “You didn’t have to set it on fire…” Eva muttered five minutes later, looking at the tray of soggy ashes dejectedly. Lily, who was still panting from her run to the nearest source of water, was still glaring daggers at the moody royal.

            “You’re just mad because Brook hates you,” the indenture piped up angrily. Nathan’s pen snapped and he barely saved the document from a flood of ink. Will blew a low whistle and clapped his hands.

            “I like this kid,” he called over his shoulder to Nathan.

            “Please get out of my sight all of you,” Nathan growled, soaking up the ink with his blazer sleeve and throwing it onto the floor. “I have to get this done before dinner.”

            And so, the trio was ushered out. Brook found them sitting in front of the closed office doors like protestors in a rally.

            She asked what they were doing.

            “Trying to spread a little Christmas cheer,” Will winked up at her. Eva rolled her eyes.

            “Your honey dearest is having a mental break down,” she explained to Brook. “He’s trying to finish everything before dinner.”

            “Is it always like this every year?” the indenture asked, unconsciously taking a seat.           Eva sighed dramatically and reached over to Lily, absentmindedly playing with the girl’s silky hair. “As if. Usually he just spaces everything out and finished by the end of January…”

            Will caught on to Eva’s act and took up the same tone. “Yes, I wonder why indeed… Why do you think my baby brother’s working so hard this year?” he pondered with false innocence.

            Brook blinked a few times before answering. However, the reply left her friends to doubt the extent of her intelligence. “Maybe he wants to have a day off on Christmas for once.”

            “Well, obviously, but why do you think he wants a day off?” Eva bit back impatiently.

            “Don’t we all want days off on holidays?”

            The trio looked at the doors of the office pityingly. To think that Nathan fell for such a dense girl… the trio silently offered him their condolences.


            Nathan watched the bright orange sunset impatiently. He wasn’t going to make it after all. The printers were still working on the toner problem and his idiotic subordinates were still floundering around.

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