1: His Gang Girl

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It pounded against my ears, I ran my hands through my out of control hair trying to calm myself before I lost my temper and lashed out.
"OK father, repeat this slowly." I mumbled to my father as he sat behind his desk. Hands folded on top of it, his face blank of any trace of emotion but his eyes they held worry and fear. My brown eyes stared back into his own identical pair.
My mother stood behind him playing with the ends of her yellow sundress. Her head held low, I put my hard gaze on my father.
He audibly gulped and his Adams apple bobbed.
"I-i sold you." He muttered rubbing the back of his neck, I felt my anger rise but I kept my beast at bay, I still need an explanation.
"Why?" My tone came out strangled. "B-because I needed to protect our gang. I owed someone a huge sum of money I couldn't pay back, he saw your pictures around the house and you caught his attention." I nodded slowly, he was protecting our loved ones, our family.
"To whom?" I asked running my hands through my hair yet again.
"R-Ryder Daniels." He mumbled, I felt the air get caught in my lungs and I started coughing.
Ryder Daniels was the biggest and most feared gang leaders in new York! We were all the way in Pennsylvania.
"And he will be here in a couple of hours, to spend the weekend and get to know you and let you say goodbyes." My mothers soft voice piped up, I just glared at my fathers name tag on his desk.
"Avery I know your upset with us now but please try to un-" my father started but I quickly stopped him, I was old enough to understand.
"Dad, mom you don't have to worry. I understand stuff like this happens when your in a gang. And I chose this life and its not like I can't protect myself if anything happens."
My mother and father smiled big. "There's my girl. We love you so much Avery." They spoke and unison and I smiled. "I love you guys to." I got up and went to my room, I had just woken up when they wanted to share the news with me.
I was still in pajamas and had morning breath. I went to my room to fix that.
Wondering about Ryder Daniels and why he was interested in me.

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