Chapter 4

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I start  looking through my clothes to find something nice to wear. I'm going to be a lonely fool. I sit there thinking about Jason and how  I'm probably going to end up all alone now.I sit there for about thirty minutes throwing myself a little pitty party. I mean I've been with Jason for about two years now but things have really started to change. He doesn't seem to call me much anymore or spend time with me. It's like something better is pulling him away from me. I don't know what to think because I really do love him. It's not that easy to just let it all go like nothing ever happened between us.

 I settle on a pair of old faded jeans with holes in them. I sit back on my bed pulling them over my long legs, then I grab my little white tank top and throw that on over my black bra. I go over to my mirror and look at myself. I stare into the mirror looking at my blue eye ,comparing it to my green eye. I have to say I like the blue one better. I've thought about getting contacts, but I can't stand the idea of wearing them all day. I let out a deep breath as I get lost in my thoughts.  

 Then I hear Kelseys voice coming from the hallway."Kendra get out here woman. The pizza just got here and we're about to start the first movie. Hurry up."

 I scream at her while brushing my long tangled hair." Dang it Kelsey, I'm coming. I just couldn't find anything to wear."I knew my face is probably still red and swollen from the crying but I  really just don't care right, now because I don't need to look good for anyone.

 I walk down the hallway feeling out of it and tired. Kelsey looks up at me from the couch." Well I guess that look works well for you." She says while eyeing me up and down. "You're still beautiful honey, believe me Jason doesn't know what he's missing if he doesn't talk to you. Screw him. Ok."

 I walk over to the loveseat slamming my but down hard."Yeah, yeah, you have to say that because you're my friend. I think we both know I look like I was hit by a train right now."

 Aaron walks into the living room joining us.  "Kendra honey, believe me I'm a guy and I think you look hot as ever." He winks at me and smiles, while running his fingers through his brown hair.

  Kelsey grabs a slice of pizza and starts chewing on it while she talks."See Kendra I told you. Even Aaron agrees." I have to turn my head away from her open mouth as she chews. 

Aaron pulls a movie off of the table and throws it in the D.V.D. player. He turns around smiling at us. " I brought "Get Him To The Greek." I love that movie." 

 I smile, feeling that maybe a funny movie will help me forget my problems for a little bit."Sweet, I  have been wanting to see this movie. I heard it was hilarious."

 Aaron smiles at me while taking his spot next to Kelsey on the couch."Yeah, Stefan said he thought this movie would cheer you up."  

I look at Aaron and can't help the grin as it appears on my face. " You mean, you actually do other things than have sex. I would of never guessed you had time to watch a movie, with your busy sex schedule." 

 Kelsey looks up at me from her plate of pizza."Ha,ha very funny sugar lips."

 Did they say Stefan said this movie was good? That really got me thinking of my time with him last night. He really made me just feel free and young again. I haven't felt that way in such a long time, and the way he laughs just sends shivers all through me. Not to mention he has the most beautiful smile with these little dimples. I know I really shouldn't let myself go there though because I'm not one of those dumb girls that he can just play with and throw away. I won't be that girl, not for one minute. I get lost in thought for a minute until I see Stefan walk through the door.