[Chapter Eighteen]

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"Misery you're killing me,

Tell me why I can't be happy,

Nothing less so why bother try,

Everything sucks and then you die."

- "Say Hello"


My eyes were shut the entire time I felt the wind ripple past me, my hair getting caught in it's movements. While I had one sense muted, my others perked up. I could hear the footfalls behind us as they followed our every move. My fingers gripped Luc's shirt which was slightly crumpled from his run as he carried me. My nose could smell the fragrance of nature as Luc brushed past leaves and kicked up dirt.

The sounds of the men's footfalls were becoming more frequent and I prayed we somehow diverted from them before they fully caught up to us.

Luc's ragged breaths reached my ears now as he stopped running, stumbling into a tree. While the bark had roughly scratched my arms, I bit my lip to hold the hiss of pain. In case we were hiding from them I did not dare to even want to make any slight indication where we were.

"You can open your eyes, love. Everything is all right." He panted, his fingers nimbly brushing my hair back from my forehead. The support of the tree against my side helped him carry me with one arm. Looking up at him from under my eyelashes, I saw how exhausted he looked. His hair was messily touching his eyebrows, his mouth parting for quick breaths as his eyes darted around our surroundings. The tree line had hidden the looming moon as it just started it's nightly job of giving a ghoul-ly presence around the forests.

A dirt road had trailed through the trees leading up to a shadowed manor on the top of the hill far away. The gates surrounding it gave the manor a definite sense of security and even without the large, metal gates you could practically feel the strength and power looming off of it like a sixth sense.

"I figured we could walk up the rest of the way, to give yourself a break." Luc murmured, placing my onto my feet. Though he knew better than to let me out of his arms, as the moment they felt the pressure of my body weight, my legs gave out like jello. The adrenaline I felt during the run had left me shaking.

Pulling me into his side, Luc supported most of my weight and we both tredged off into the night.

As we grew closer, the manor seemed more intimidating by it's height and size. It seems much smaller from far away but as you were practically under it, you needed to tilt your head all the way back just to catch a glimpse. The four guards at the gate, gave us a quick look before recognizing Luc's blond hair and bowed. "Your majesty." They whispered, simultaneously.

He nodded in their direction and waiting for them to unlock the gates and push them open for us. I already knew of Luc's homelands in England. But I had not known that he had ran all the way through the borders to get here, no wonder he seemed exhausted!

As we approached the porch of the manor, the doorman bowed respectfully towards Luc and opened the double doors for us. Standing in the foyer on the bottom steps of the never-ending, marble steps were his parents.

The King and Queen of the vampire covenant in England were smiling, their hands held together. I quickly saw whom Luc really had gotten his facial features from, which was his mother. The same soft features and pale skin, but he had his father's hair color and both of their eyes.

Once their eyes settled on me, his mother smiled larger. "And whom is this lovely lady you brought to us?"

I blushed under her compliment and examination. But before I could offer a polite, thank you Luc had already slipped into the topic of why we were visiting. "We have a problem, it seems."

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