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Summary: You and Matt have a fun, and even romantic night together

What to know:
Y/N-Your name

Your POV (I'm trying a different type of writing for the point of view. :3)

I continue to type on my computer, when I suddenly smell the scent of cooking meat. Finishing my current sentence, I gently shut my computer closed, and walked downstairs into the kitchen.
"Hey," Matt greeted me, but not looking up from the food in front of him.
"..hey," I hesitate. "What's all this about?" Matt soon met my eyes, and smiled.
"I was thinking we could have hot dogs and hamburgers outside tonight! Maybe roast marshmallows too!" Matt then looked down embarrassingly. "I-if that's o-okay with y-you. It's p-probably a stupid and childish idea anyway." Matt bit his lip, concentrating on how he could turn the conversation around.
I turned Matt's body towards mine, and gave him a light hug, burying my face in his shoulder. "That sounds wonderful Matt," I told him reassuringly. "I would love to do that."
• • •
I sat on a comfortable lawn chair, spraying bug spray on my exposed legs. Although he was making the food, Matt helped me start a good size fire. Our backyard wasn't huge, but it wasn't small either. It was the perfect size.
Soon, Matt brought out the burgers and hot dogs, along with condiments, and other little things. Even though we didn't have a grill, the food still tasted amazing.
During dinner, Matt and I talked about everything we could think of. Movies, pets we wouldn't mind getting, family...
At one point, I looked down at my hand, and realized it was locked with Matt's perfectly. I looked up at his face, softly glowing due to the fire in front of us. It made him look even more amazing than he already was, which I never thought could be possible.
"What?" Matt finally spoke, a chuckle in his voice.
"Nothing," I smiled. "You're just so handsome to look at." Matt chuckled again, making me smile wider.
"Want me to get the marshmallows? We can compliment each other more after." I lightly pushed Matt's arm, but told him yes. Matt slipped into the house, (the fire wasn't very far from the house, but it was a safe distance from it) and a few seconds later, came back with a small bag of large marshmallows.
"We can do the Chubby Bunny Challenge!" I joked, remembering Matt's and Nate's challenge stream, in which they sang Pokémon, and played Smash Brothers. Matt knew what I was hinting at, so he rolled his eyes playfully.
"Here," Matt handed me a long, thin wooden stick. "Let me show you how the master does it." Matt proudly squished a marshmallow onto his stick, and hovered it over the fire, rotating it every few seconds.
After about two minutes, the marshmallow had caught on fire, and goo was dripping to the ground. Matt frantically blew it out, while I laughed historically.
"Master huh?" I asked him. He shoved me, but I knew he didn't mean it harshly.
"Can you do better?" Raising a determined eyebrow, I place a marshmallow on the stick, and brought it to the fire.
Soon, it was a crisp, golden brown, and a hint of black. Matt looked at it in awe.
"Teach me senpai." Matt quietly joked. I was blowing on the gooey treat, so I immediately started laughing.
"Senpai?" I questioned. "Since when do you say that?" Matt shrugged, and quickly took my treat.
"Hey!" I yelped, trying to grab it back. I pulled it apart, letting both of us get a chunk. I scrunched my face up angrily, making Matt laugh his adorable dolphin laugh.
"Sorry," he apologized. "It looked so perfect!" I placed my head on Matt's shoulder, and he kissed my head multiple times.
"How do you take something so simple," Matt softly spoke. "And make it like it's done by professionals?" I lifted my head, and looked at Matt confusingly.
"What do you mean?" I asked him. He looked at the ground.
"I just thought of a simple, but fun idea of eating outside," he explains. "But...you make it seem like it's the most amazing thing in the world. I've had so much fun, and just have been smiling so much tonight."
Matt lifted his eyes up from the ground, and into my eyes. His chocolate brown eyes were like infinite galaxies, and I felt like I was lost in them. Matt brought my face to his, and connect his lips to mine.
I wrapped my arms around Matt's neck, and Matt wrapped his around my waist, deepening the kiss. I never wanted the moment to end, but soon, we had to let go for air. I looked at Matt, and smiled.
"I'm not the only one who can make the simplest things special you know," I told Matt. "You do that everyday." I intertwined my fingers with his, and rested my head on Matt's shoulder once again.
Matt sighed happily, and I felt his shoulders rise and fall. "Y/N?" Matt suddenly whispered.
"Hmm?" I mumbled.
"Th-thanks for letting me do this," Matt embarrassingly thanked me. "I like feeling like a little kid again." I softly giggled, and got closer to Matt.
"I'd do this again with you any night Matt," I told him. "I'd do anything with you."

Well this was long! Sorry, I just got really into it. :3
Yes, I changed the way I write the point of view a little bit. Do you all prefer the "You" writing, the "I/me" writing, or both? Leave comments below! :3
I hope you all like the story! Bye! <3

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