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Qveen POV (Point Of View)
"Babbeeee!" I walked into my bedroom and saw Quan layin there fully naked "What's wrong baby? "I woke up and you weren't here next to me I hate that." I laughed and got in the bed "I rather my piss go in the toilet and not the sheets." Quan got up and got on top of me "There's a lot of things I rather do to." I gripped her ass as she started grinding on me "So I'm guessin last night wasn't enough for you." Quan leaned into me and kissed my lips "You know when it comes to you I could never get enough." I smirked and started gettin up "Well too bad for you but I have to get ready for work." Quan got up from the bed and started walkin towards me "You ain't goin nowhere till u give me what's mine." "And what's tht?" Quan jumped on me and I fell on the floor & her pussy landed right on top of my face "This." "Come on nie I'll do it when I get home from work." "Nope I want it now." I sighed and started eatin her out and while she moaned I just put my hands behind my head and let my tongue work on her stubborn ass "AHHH YES BABY RIGHT THERE!" Quan started ridin my face while her sweet juices dripped on my tongue "Damn baby mmmmmm I love you so much!" I swirled my tongue around her wet entrance and once I stuck my tongue inside of her a big wet ass waterfall came rushin outta her "AAAHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!" I tried to swallow as much of her juices as I could but some was sliding all down my face & into my shirt "Damn baby tht was amazing." Quan got up off me and I got up off the floor "Ik ik my tongue is a work of art." Quan laughed "You got tht right." We kissed thn I went in the bathroom to get ready for work which I was already 30 minutes late for.

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