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SHE was there...

Aelyn could feel the lightening laced dangerously through the air. It made his fur stand on end, and his instict that danger was near blare loudly in his head, ears and trembling bones. "Micca... she's here..." He whispered haggardly as his canine lips curled back in an unsure snarl.

Micca the youngest brother didn't answer. He rammed his brother and bit down on Aelyn's shoulder. Tasting the blood. And hating that he loved the thick irony taste that melted unto his tongue. Throwing Aelyn to the side he let the blood drain from his mouth, too afraid to swallow it, too mad at his brother to bother.


"Leave me!" The youngest barked at the eldest with ferocity and unhinged restraint. Aelyn held his ripped shoulder and limped forward, but Micca didn't comply, he charged and wrestled wiht his brother. Bitting and scratching and ripping whatever he could. "Leave me like you always do!"

Suddenly, Aeyln, who once laid there submissively and took the pain with bared teeth, his eyes snapped open. No longer were they squeezed shut. They glowed wiht rage. And with one great smack he managed to box his brother off him and then regain dominance, towering over hsi brother Aelyn growled and snapped his teeth at his brother, but never sunk them into his flesh. "ENOUGH!"

The beast below him was supposed to be his youngest brother. He was supposed to trust him...

And Micca understood this, but refused to fight back the pricking madness that swelled the veins it pulsed through. Tired fo struggling under his brother, he screamed loudly in frustration. The words were muddled and unrecognisable. But they soon ended with a-- Smack!

Aelyn's hand seemed to be suspended in the air. Hanging almost pitifully there as tears slipped from his eyes and blurred his vision. "Micca, she is here. She can change us back." He swallowed slowly as if it hurt to say anything more to his brother. "Stay still, and say nothing." His words were commands, but his voice wavered under sadness and fear. He had never hit his brother before...

Before Aelyn could explain, Micca stared at him with such tear-ful hatred. He sniffed and whispered, "I hate you..." And Aelyn would have rathered his brother had bit him again instead...

"Micca..." His voice caught in his monsterous throat and Aelyn couldn't help but laugh in his head. It was getting harder and harder to talk now... The changes were biginning to warp his tongue and limit it solely to the grunts and whines of dogs.

He looked at his brother with a sad smile and hoped that he could only credit his inabilities to the rate of the transformation... Due to him being the eldest... Afterall, Micca might have had the same grotesque body as he did, but his hair was patchy, thin and looked more like the coat of a wet rat... His face was still somewhat recognisable, despite all of this, he had not grown a snout as yet either. And Aelyn saw this as hope. "Micca,stay here." He spoke more assertively now as he got off his brother.

But only a few steps forward and Aelyn found that Micca had taken a few steps back. "Micca!" Aelyn grabbed his brother's arm and again they faced off, Aleyn grabbed his brother and pulled him forward against his will.

In the struggle, Micca managed to wound his brother again, this time in his abdomen. He had slashed it open, and blood poured into the snwo beneath them. In a panic, Micca cried and pressed down the wound, but couldn't stop the blood. In building frustration he pounded the earth with his fists and yelled as he sobbed, "Why do you always do this!?" His teeth glinted in the scattered moonlight as he grinded them together like he was in pain. "Stop telling me what to do and protect YOURSELF!"

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