Chapter 2

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Underfell Sans woke up in a big white room. About 10 feet away, was another person who looked almost exactly like him, except wearing different clothes, and, from what he could tell, did not have a gold tooth like he did, and did not wear the collar that Papyrus always made him wear. Stupid collar. It had little spikes on it, with a length of chain on it so that Papyrus could grab him and give him the what-for at any point in time. The nerve of his brother. Sans was way more powerful, yet Papyrus still scares him. He didn't even know why he was afraid of his brother... all he wanted was to keep him safe, but Papyrus doesn't understand. He still scares the mess out of Sans.
Sans fully woke up, and realized the gravity of the situation. He was in midair, being held tightly by magic blue strings. They cut into his soul, and wherever else they touched, and it hurt, a lot. Sans looked up at the other person, and he looked at him.
"Who're you?" He said.
"I might ask the same. I'm Sans."
"Uhh... I'm Sans... ohh, you must be me from another dimension. That's what Error Sans was talking about. Did you just wake up? By the way, I'm from Undertale."
"Uhh, I'm from Underfell." His left eye flashed a deep crimson red. "I'm gonna call you Blue."
"I'm gonna call you Red."
"Because the color of your power is red." Blue said, indicating that it should have been obvious. Red growled under his breath. He didn't like the looks of this situation, and wanted out as quickly as possible. Suddenly the person who had brought them here appeared.
"Now, now. Be nice, or else." He said.
"The heck even are you? And or else what?" Red asked gruffly. The strings tightened around his soul. He gasped in pain.
"Or else that. I'm Error Sans." Error said. He waited for a few minutes before letting up on the pressure on Red's soul. Then he left. It took Red a few minutes to catch his breath, but he more or less recovered. Blue decided to try starting a conversation.
"So what's your dimension like? Is Papyrus pretty cool? How about Frisk?" He tried.
"Who's Frisk? Uhh, Papyrus is uhh... he's uhh..." Red didn't know the right words to describe his brother. "He's the captain of the Royal Guard... and stuff."
"Really? Wait. Did you say 'Who's Frisk' just now?" Blue asked. Red nodded. "Frisk is a human. She's very pacifistic, and nice to everyone." Red started breathing harder. "She loves everyone, not in all caps either."
"What? You don't have much LV?" Red interrupted.
"You do?"
"Buddy, where I come from, that's the only kinda LOVE we got." Red said, no lie in his voice. Blue looked at his counterpart in shock.
"Seriously? Doesn't Papyrus love you?"
"Not that I know. He hasn't shown that he cares. At all. Listen, I don't wanna talk about it, ok?" Red looked away angrily. Blue felt bad. He didn't mean to hurt his feelings... but if this guy wasn't accustomed to love, he wouldn't want anything to do with it. Blue sighed. At that moment, Error Sans came back.
"Treating each other nicely? What's with that look, Underfell? You useless abomination. Why did I bring you here again? Right. I was looking for the 2 most powerful Sanses in the multiverse. Honestly, you both should be flattered. You are the 2 most powerful Sanses. Quit looking at me like that!" Error Sans said. Blue looked up, and saw Red Sans with his eye on fire, like it does for him when he gets mad, and the strings tightened again. Red's expression dulled, and his eye sockets dimmed. "You will listen when I'm talking to you. Ok?" The strings loosened up slightly, but they were still tighter than normal. Blue decided at that moment that he wouldn't act up. Error Sans left again. Red struggled in the strings, but to no avail. He quickly ceased.
"Uhh... you ok, bud?" Blue asked. Red growled. Now was not the time. Red stayed quiet for several hours. He wasn't sleeping, but also didn't seem to be fully awake. Blue kept asking him questions, but Red just kept staring at one spot on the wall. Blue questioned this. When Red didn't answer, he quit asking. Eventually Error Sans came back, but didn't antagonize them. He seemed to notice the awkward silence, and did not attempt to break it. He seemed to be guarding them...

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