Chapter 9 - Neme

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Hannah is gone back overseas and I'm still here in Edenville. It makes sense for me to leave and never look back but I can't. I have to make Cain pay for what he did. No matter what it takes I have to stay on track with my plan. I'm sitting in my car across from Bradshaw and Bradshaw Law Firm. I've been sitting here all day long. I plan on watching his every move. He's a crooked bastard and I know he'll eventually slip up and when he does I'll be there to witness it. When I see him exit the front doors my entire body tenses up. It's the first time I've seen him in person since the day he was acquitted in court. My heart begins to race with adrenaline. He gets into his Maserati. I roll my eyes. Compensating for much, Cain?

We live in a small rural town and he drives a Maserati. Unreal. I start my engine and wait for him to pull out. Waiting a few seconds I fall in behind him. I'm wearing a black bobbed wig and dark glasses. I can't take a chance on him recognizing me. He heads toward the east side of town which is odd. The poor side of town. I can't imagine him having any business there. The east side is where drug dealers hang out on street corners, trash litters the roads, teens go to buy cheap liquor, and bars on windows is the norm.

I continue following him until he slows down and pulls into a shady looking nail salon. I pull into the gas station across the street and watch him. Something is definitely off about this. There is no reason at all why he'd be at a low-class type nail salon on the east side of town. It's an old two level cinderblock building. The putrid faded yellow paint is curled and chipped all over it. The decals on the windows detailing the services are missing letters. It's a real shithole. He doesn't get out of his car. A red Porsche pulls up beside him. When the Porsche door opens, Macie steps out. I frown and lean in toward my windshield.

Pulling my glasses down the bridge of my nose some I look more closely. It's definitely Macie. What in the hell is that pretentious bitch doing there? She'd never lower herself to such standards. Cain's window rolls down and she steps up. I see her mouth moving but I can't make out the words she's saying. They talk for a few brief minutes. She nods and he rolls his window back up. Walking up to the salon door in her red stilettos she goes inside. Cain never gets out. This entire scenario is strange as hell. About twenty minutes passes by and Macie emerges from the salon carrying a manila envelope. She doesn't go back over and talk to her brother. Instead, she gets back in her car and backs out of the drive. Cain pulls out behind her and they both leave. I follow.

When I realize they're going to Macie's house over in the Falls Creek edition where snooty rich bitches live. Manicured deep green yards and shiny expensive cars decorate the ambiance of it all. I fall back somewhat and as I pass her house I turn on a side street and circle back. When I pass by her house I nearly break my neck when I see her and Cain in what looks like a romantic embrace outside her front door. I can't slow down or I'll look suspicious. I've known the two of them for a long time and nothing about what I just saw is normal. That wasn't a brotherly or sisterly hug either. My skin crawls.

Heading back to the nail salon my mind is racing. I've decided I have to go in and see what could possibly be inside the place that would have to do with Macie and Cain Bradshaw. When I pull in there's a closed sign hanging in the window. I frown looking around. There are several cars in the parking lot. Maybe it's just a mistake. But the sign said open just moments ago. I get out and go to the door anyway. The windows are darkly tinted so I can't see in. I pull on the door and it doesn't budge. I squint trying to see through. Nothing, it's just black. I go back to my car defeated. Something is peculiar about all of this. I have to get home and do some research on this salon.


When I pull into Stone Ridge Manor I see Joshua is out front. He looks to be doing what looks like repairing the swinging bench on the wrap around porch. I truly don't like him being up around the house all the time. It feels as if I have no privacy at all. When I get out of the car I realize after it's too late I still have the wig on. He looks up and sees me. I take the sunglasses off and stuff them in my purse. His brows furrow when our eyes meet. When I get to the front door he stops what he's doing and boldly stares at me.

"What are you looking at? Haven't you ever seen a woman in a wig before?" I try to make it seem like there's nothing secretive going on.

He ignores my question. "You don't like me much do you Ms. Neme?"

I pull open the screen door and look back up at him. His brows are raised. "I don't like much of anyone. Don't take it personally. And stop calling me Miss." I unlock the door and go inside leaving him standing there. Small talk isn't my forte. I can't waste time on small talk.


Doing a property search through the city records I'm shocked and confused to learn the east side nail salon is owned by Bradshaw LLC. It's owned and operated by Cain and Macie. Those two owning a crappy nail salon doesn't add up. It looks like they bought it two years ago. I look for a web page for the salon and there isn't one. I start a timeline of events from the day of when Aaron died to now just so I can keep up with everything. I pin it up on my corkboard along with all of the newspaper clippings and articles I printed out about Cain's election.

I'm still amazed the piece of shit managed to get elected. Money truly can buy anything. Especially in Edenville.

I also print out the information on the salon and pin it on the board. Looking at all of the information I've gathered so far it doesn't look like much at all. I know there's much more to dig up. That's exactly what I'm going to do until I find something to take him down with because I'm either going to make sure he's behind bars or I'm going to kill him with my bare hands. I'll take either of those two options. I'm not picky.

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