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Welcome to the FWFC Book Club! :) We are Filipino fantasy writers who met each other through the fantasy club thread entitled "Filipino Writer in Fantasy Category" and eventually decided to put up a book club.

Our Vision-Mission

To build a globally-competitive community of Filipino fantasy writers that will promote Filipino talent, values and culture, nurture and inspire others who share the same passion, provide a venue for professional evaluation and assessment of fantasy-related literature, and foster a lasting camaraderie among members as they journey hand in hand in the world of Fantasy-writing.

Administrators and Founding Members

Admin and Founder yhin2x

Admin MikeKhael90

Admin ChantalCruz30

Admin libranages

Admin purple_porpoise

Admin -lastorder

Admin ReddHumann

Admin Pink_Fussion

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If you want to become a member of the Book Club and/or join a review cycle, please read on. :)

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