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Dragons are misunderstood creatures

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Dragons are misunderstood creatures. Of course you have the evil ones, the ones like Smaug, however those are the ones that ruin dragon's reputation. Not all dragons kill for gold, of course most of the creature are vain and care all too much about themselves, but not all fit into the category given to them. Of course all the creatures of Middle-Earth have to admit that having a dragon on their side wouldn't be all that bad. And some lucky few do, dragons, although it is rare, bond with other creatures. If you possess the certain traits, you may have just found yourself a dragon. However these tales have long since fallen from legend to myth and the tales of friendly dragons were forgotten. Until Forn.

Let me get this straight. Forn isn't an unusual dragon. Just the dragons Middle-Earth got comfortable, or uncomfortable, with are the types you'd rather avoid. You see, Forn is still the vain, treasure liking, beast you hear about, she would just rather not murder villagers for her fame and glory. An honorable dragon perhaps. Besides, there a few dragons left. The world no longer thrived as it once did.


"My Lord, Thranduil!" A guard cried rushing into the throne room, interrupting the conversation he and Legolas were having. "A dragon has crashed into our lands, how shall we approach this?" Thranduil exchanged a look with Legolas.

"Legolas," Thranduil practically growled, glaring at his son. "No. I refuse to let you go." Legolas pressed his lips together. "I am afraid the only option is to kill the beast, we cannot have a dragon thriving on our land." The guard nodded and rushed out of the room. "Legolas, we will continue this conversation later, I have much to think about?"

"Of course, Ada." Legolas bowed and slipped out of the throne room, dashing towards the open gate.

He swung himself up onto his horse and ride into position with the guards.

"My Lord, Legolas?" A guard questioned noticing the prince among their ranks. "What are you doing here? Er, if I may ask."

"Disobeying my father," Legolas grinned at the guard and nudged his horse forward. "Take no notice of my presence."

The group rode into the woods, the guard who saw the dragon fall, leading the way. As they came closer they noticed how completely demolished the surrounding areas of the landing was. Of course they heard the dragon before they saw her. They heard the cries of tortured pain and the sounds of trees snapping like twigs under giant feet.

They came upon a brilliantly white dragon, her scales on the left side drenched with scarlet blood. A bleeding hole was torn in her left wing, a spear lodge into the scales behind that wing. As the elves watched the dragon tried to fly, only to scream in pain and fall back onto the earth, crying out as they collided. The elves looked at each other, unsure what they were supposed to do.

It was Legolas who finally took action. He swung himself off of his horse, giving the reins to the nearest guard and before anyone could stop him, he stepped into the clearing the dragon had formed. As he stepped in the dragon whirled around and bared her teeth like a startled animal. Legolas put out a hand and approached slowly.

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