Chapter 7 - Neme

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-The Past-

"It was rough, Babe. I mean, I could feel their pain and it was heartbreaking. Why would the police close an investigation so early in a case? It makes no sense at all."

I'm poking at the food on my plate and Aaron is inhaling his.

"I don't know. Did they give you details as to why the police stopped investigating? And I'm sorry you had a rough day at work."

"The police have deemed their daughter a runaway. I just don't see a twelve-year-old running away from home like that."

"It happens. It's on the news all the time. Kids these days grow up much faster than they use to. But the details of the situation definitely don't fall in line with a runaway. It's all so unfortunate and sad."

He takes a gulp of his sweet tea and gives me a big cheesy grin. "On a brighter note, let's talk getting hitched. How soon can you get some time off work? I'd say let's do a Friday through Monday. That way we don't miss too much work but still have some time for consummating our nuptials." He waggles his brows up and down at me and I laugh out loud.

"Is that the part you're looking forward to? The sex?"

"The amazing sex, with my wife, yes."

I like the way that sounds. His wife, Mrs. Aaron Quinlan. I more than like it. I love it.

"I can't argue with you on that one. I can't wait for amazing sex with my husband either."

He grabs his empty dishes and gets up. I get a sweet kiss on the cheek before he takes them in the kitchen.

"Great dinner, Babe. The pasta was perfect."

"Why thank you, thank you very much," I say in my best Elvis Presley voice. He laughs at me and goes and plops down on the sofa. "What are we watching tonight?" I ask him.

"I don't know. I'm pretty beat but it's too early for bed. I guess I'll channel surf unless you want to watch something specific."

"No, I don't. Whatever is fine with me."

I finish up my food and go to start cleaning the kitchen when Aaron's phone rings. He answers it. I can't tell who it is in the beginning and then the conversation sounds more personal. He's mostly saying yes and no and I doubt it. I can't really make out what he's talking about but his tone isn't a happy one. Finally, he says bye and hangs up. His body language tells me he's pissed.

"Who was that?"

"It's nothing."

I round the counter and come out of the kitchen area to the sofa. "It was more than nothing. What's the matter?"

He looks up at me from his position on the sofa. His jaws are tense, mouth pressed in a hard line and I want to know why. "Tell me, Babe. What's going on and who was that?"

"It was Mace."

I cock my head to the side and frown. "Macie?"


I sit down on the sofa beside him and reach out placing my hand on his leg. "Why are you so upset? What did she want?"

"She and Cain are insisting we get a prenup and I refuse."


I knew they didn't really approve of me but this is absurd. "They think I'm a gold digger?"

He reaches up and massages his temples. "They say it's just the smart thing to do." Dropping his hands to his lap he leans in to me. "Babe, I'm not doing it. It's ridiculous. There's just no way." He rests his forehead against mine. "I know you're not a gold digger. They're lawyers. It's just the way they think."

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