He takes you to a movie

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"Hey (Y/N/N), get up!" He said shoving a pillow on the face laughing." Geralllld." I groaned and slowly got up." Come on I'm taking you to a movie! I got all figured out. It's at 12:45 at (R/T) (random theatre)." "Ok. Thanks babe." I said and kissed his nose. I got up and got ready. I put a midnight blue shirt on with a leather jacket over it and dark jeans with some white vans (DAMN DANIEL BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE WHITE VANS!!!). We drove to the movies and got some popcorn, soda, and candy. I thanked him for everything and I smiled. We saw a few fans too. They all took pictures with G and he snapchated videos with them. I love when he sees fans, and they start crying and freaking out, I love seeing people happy." Hey guys, this is my girlfriend (Y/N)." They all smiled widely and hugged me," You seem so freckin nice!" A girl said. I smiled," You too." We finally got to our seats, about twenty minutes later. He kissed my cheek and said," This will be so much fun." I smiled," Yeah. It will be."
The movie finally started after thirty fucking minutes of crappy previews. About an hour into it, Gerald felt a vibrate in his pocket. He pulled out his phone and saw fans had tweeted about him. He read a few and started crying quietly." Gerald what's wrong?" I asked worried as hell. He handed me his phone and read a few tweets. I gasped.
"G-eazy I hate you so much! Fucking ugly ass."
"You shouldn't be living with what you look like and your shitty music!"
"Why can't you just kill yourself already?!"
"Fuck off m8. No one likes ya!"
I looked at him," Gerald don't listen to those bitches!" I said and tweeted something on my account. I gave him his phone back.
"Guys, shut the fuck up, you shouldn't be doing this to my gorgeous boyfriend! Go away and never come back!" It read. He looked at me with a sad smile," Thanks babe." With that, he kissed me deeply. We cuddled and finished the movie.
A/N hey fans of G-eazy! I'm very sorry for the late update! I promise I will update more often. :D

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