Ch. 55 Atlanta

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Around four weeks later, Jake and I boarded a plane and went to Atlanta. It was time to give my speech for the American Cancer Society.

The day of the speech, I woke early. I got out of bed and went to the window of our hotel room.

Atlanta was still dark, lit alight only by lights throughout the city.

"Britt?" Jake spoke in a raspy morning voice.

"Yeah?" I absentmindedly spoke.

"You okay?"

"I'm fine."

"Is it time to get up?"

I nodded.

"Do you want a shower?"

I smirked and turned to him.

He put his hands up in defense. "No funny business."

The sheet fell around his waist. He was shirtless, sitting up in bed.

My mind was racing. Everything was hitting me.

"How did I end up here?" I asked with a smile.

"I don't quite know what you mean." His brows came together.

"Two years ago, I was in med school, working at the diner and hating the world. Now, I'm married and about to give a speech at one of the biggest cancer organizations known to man."

"And you're incredibly rich, Miss. CEO."

I nodded.

He smiled and looked down at himself before looking up at me with a boyish grin. "And we're having a baby."

I smiled and walked over to his side of the bed.

He got up and moved to the edge of the bed. He took my hands.

"We're having a baby."

He smiled at me. "You admitted it."

"Honey, I know there's a baby."

"But you don't normally talk so optimistically about the baby."

I shrugged. "I feel good today. Nervous, but good. I'm sure people will be asking questions."

He nodded.

I looked down at my growing baby bump. It was getting difficult to hide under scrubs, so it was even more noticeable in my tank top.

Jake put a hand to my stomach. "Nearly halfway there."

I nodded. "It's scary, huh?"

He nodded.

"Yeah, I think so too."

"I've never gone through anything like this. I know you have, but I'm clueless."

"Well, I only got so far."

He rubbed my stomach. "Everything is going to be okay."

There was a knock on our door.

"Doctor, are you up?" Diane called.

"Yeah, I'm up!" I called back.

"Okay. I'll meet you in the lobby with your coffee in an hour."


Jake stood and pulled me into the restroom.

We took a quick shower.

When we got out, Jake dressed in his typical white top and navy pants. He slipped on a navy blazer. He ran his hands through his hair. He looked amazing.

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