5 ~ Ryan

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Three years in law enforcement had given Ryan time to perfect his poker face, which is the mask he wore as he walked Felix downstairs. He wasn't going to tell her he suspected the victim of the murder she witnessed was the same woman he had identified at the morgue a couple hours earlier. The location and the time matched, and he knew the criminals who were likely responsible. If he was right, Felix had gotten into some serious shit.

"So, where do you think I should park my bike?" Felix asked as they stopped in front of her Harley. "I want to keep Precious fairly close."

Ryan smiled as he watched her rummage through a saddlebag. "You named your Harley, Precious?"

"Yes. Gollum didn't have the same ring to it."

"I see your point. There's a parking garage around the block. It's where I park. You can squeeze in front of my car until we get you a permit."

"Thanks, Ryan. I really owe you for this." Felix offered him a smile that reminded him of the Felicity he used to know, although he couldn't remember if she ever smiled at him. She mounted her bike and patted the leather seat behind her. "Climb aboard. You won't need a helmet if we're just going around the block."

Ryan hesitated. He didn't doubt Felix could ride, but seeing her straddle the bike in her skin tight jeans was giving him a woody, and he didn't want to embarrass himself.

Felix shook her head at him, assuming he was having reservations. "I've been riding over two years and I've never dumped the bike. I've also had plenty of passengers. This isn't your first time, is it?"

"No." Ryan climbed on board, offering nothing more in the way of explanation. He needed to put all his effort into not jabbing her in the back with his hard-on.

He directed her to the parking garage, and she fit her bike snuggly in front of his Impala. After exchanging a brief conversation about his car, which was a classic in its own right, Felix retrieved a duffel from her saddlebag and camouflaged her bike with a cover. As they made their way back to his apartment, she checked her phone incessantly. He had a feeling why.

"So, Felix. How did you end up with this boyfriend who's involved in these illegal activities? Was he attending the university with you?"

"Yes, in his last year. He was the one who came to my rescue when I was attacked. Then he taught me how to use a gun."

"Was he already involved in these illegal activities when you met him?"

"I think so, but he didn't tell me about them until we'd been dating for a while.

"And, by then, you were in love and stayed with him in spite of it."

Felix locked him in the beam of her violet blue eyes. How had he not noticed those before? "You think I'm an idiot, don't you? You think I should have kicked him to the curb and finished my education."

"It doesn't matter what I think. But, no, I don't think you're an idiot. So, I assume you quit school."

"You do a lot of assuming, don't you? Yes, I quit."

"Okay, now I think you're an idiot."

"Fuck you." Felix slugged him in the arm. It wasn't a timid slug, either. He really needed to get back on a regular work out schedule.

Felix's phone rang in her hand, making her jump, and all the color bled from her face as she stared at the screen. "Damn. I gotta answer this and lie through my teeth."

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