Chapter Nineteen

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Cara's POV
The doorbell rung loudly causing me to wake up. I felt someone's hot breath on my ear as they groaned. When I opened my eyes, I noticed that my head was against Jack's chest and we were still on the couch. I slowly untangled myself and looked around to see Andrea and Twaimz left. After daydreaming a little, I remembered someone was at the door. I opened the door and was face to face with Jacob in a black suit. Everything that has previously happened came back and hit me like a truck. I have him a small smile and stepped aside so he can enter. After closing the door, I heard footsteps in the kitchen and saw Jack sitting at the island. Me and Jacob walked into there, but I stopped and screamed when I looked in the mirror. Cameron chuckled as he walked into the kitchen and ruffled my hair, making it worse.
"Good morning baby girl", he said in his raspy morning voice.
I looked at him and noticed something; he was actually wearing a shirt this time.
"Since when do you wear shirts when you sleep?" I asked him and he turned around.
"Ever since you went missing because your voice would always haunt me and tell me to wear a shirt", he said in one breath as he hugged me.
I nodded my head before running up to my room to get changed.
After changing and putting my hair up in a bun, the smell of confetti pancakes overtook my room. I rushed downstairs and my eyes went wide at the sight of it. The last time I ate confetti was pancakes? I don't remember.
I saw a seat beside Jacob and sat there before devouring mine. Everyone looked at me in an odd way except Cameron because he was used to it.
"Just don't fight it", I said with a mouthful of food.
After eating, I put on my shoes and noticed that everyone was changed too. Jack and Cameron were wearing the same things, but Jacob had a white dress shirt on.
I sat beside Jacob in the car and we made small talk. I felt the need to support him at every moment, especially today. We pulled up in time to see the coffin being carried to the graveyard. Her family decided that they should have an outdoor funeral because she loved the assorted weathers with a deep passion. Jacob shut his eyes and looked down. I whispered,"It's okay now", and he nodded his head with his eyes still closed.
When we walked inside, we sat beside Jacob's mom and the rest of magcon was here. I was sitting beside my dad and Jacob, he was sitting behind his mom, Jack & Jack were sitting behind us with mahogany and the other Jacob, and everyone else were scattered somewhere.
The funeral started and it was getting closer to Jacob's speech. When he stood up, he couldn't stop staring at the coffin holding her body. I couldn't stop squirming around and it took every part of me not to run out the door because this is all my fault.
I remember all the arguments we would have over nothing and how competitive we were. She was my best friend since the day we were born. I remember how much she complained about us having to share the same birthday. Her imagination was always wilder than mine could ever be. I remember that one time she dressed up as a brain for Halloween because she wanted to be unique. She was always aiming for 'unique' but didn't see she already was. It is one of the things that I will miss most and cherish about you. We love you Madison... He got off the podium and ran to the church. I quickly got up and went after him but crashed into someone on my way to him. When I looked up, I saw a girl with brunette hair and full lips who looked about the same age as me. She stuck out her hand and I took it while mumbling a quick 'thanks'.
While I was dusting myself off, she introduced herself.
"Hi uhm, I'm Aaliyah", she said shyly. Know wonder she looked familiar.... she is Shawn's sister that he always talks about.
I smiled at her before saying,"I'm Cara, Cameron's daughter. I've heard a lot about you!" I could see her relax after I said that and she replied.
"I've heard a lot about you too!" I gave her a skeptical look before asking the million dollar question.
"Good or bad?" We both laughed and then switched numbers before I returned to looking for Jacob.
I found him crouched down against the back wall of the church with his palms covering his eyes. I slowly sat down beside him, hugging him tight because I knew not to speak right now. After a while if his sobbing, he whispered, "I just miss her so much...".
I hugged him tighter before softly saying,"You never fully move on but you eventually learn how to cope. Take it from me, I've felt how your feeling right now but at least you have me to support you along with everyone else in there. Let's get back because I'm pretty sure Madison would want you to be there".
He looked up at me and wiped his tears before asking,"Aren't your parents still alive?"
I looked away before mumbling,"It wasn't my parents that I coped about losing, they mean nothing to me along with my sister".
He stood up and stared at me until I looked up. "Was it a pet or something because I thought you don't know any of your blood relatives?"
Usually if someone was being this pushy, I would snap. But today I was making an exception for him. I looked away showing no emotion before speaking up. This was the one topic I avoiding the most but I couldn't dodge this bullet.
"I used to have a twin brother named Collin. We were extremely close to each other because we were the only loving ones in our family. My dad homeschooled him because he didn't want him to have any friends, while on the other hand I was forced to go to an actual school.we always dreaded being separated but didn't argue about it when it came to my dad. One day I was sitting in class and I saw him standing in the hallway. I was confused and asked the teacher if I can go, which she said yes to. He told me I forgot my lunch so he brought it and I felt the blood rush out of me. If my dad found out he was here than anything could happen to him. He kept telling me it's okay but I knew it wasn't. That day I walked into our room after school and saw he wasn't there. When I went to the living room, I saw my parents talking with a police officer and fake crying. I stood in the corner and listened to what they said. I don't want to go into details but.... let's just say they killed my brother with brutal beating and lied about it". I quickly wiped away my tears before standing up.
"I-I don't know what to say, I-I'm so sorry that happened", Jacob said struggling to speak. At least it took Madison off his head for a little bit.
"It's okay, you don't have to say anything", I said quietly as we walked back. I told him he could go back while I got a drink of water. When I turned the corner, I was face to face with Cameron. My eyes went wide as he just stood there staring down at me. Something was telling me that he heard everything I said and my face turned red while I looked down.
"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked while bending down to my height. I went to look away but he softly grabbed my arm.
"Why are you so embarrassed to tell me?" He asked, trying to look me in the eye but I refused.
"I-i just I-i don't know I-I miss him so much", I a struggled speaking and my voice cracked.
"I just hate them! They've ruined my life constantly and took away the one person who I cared for at the moment!" I said while sobbing.
He pulled me closer to hug me but I pulled back. When he gave me a questioning look, I mumbled,"I don't want to ruin your suit".
He laughed and still hugged me before saying,"I don't really like it that much and besides, we have a photo shoot later and some interviews. That is, if you feel like going?" I nodded my head even though I felt like crying all day and we made our way back in. Everyone's faces turned to me and I mentally cursed because my eyes are probably puffy and bloodshot. When we were walking up to our seat, Jack grabbed my arm and made me sit beside him. He side hugged me which made me feel a thousand times better, but I still felt sick to my stomach at the thought of my brother.
Cameron rushed me out the grave yard right when the funeral was done because we were late for our first interview. He called Brian and asked him to pick up some chicken strips from DQ.
The room was awesome and the microphones were almost bigger than my face. The lady introduced us before asking simple question. She turned to me and asked," Why are you two wearing all black clothing today?" I looked at Cameron for help but he was busy mentally cursing at himself for not having enough time to change.
"Uhm I'm not comfortable with answering that, sorry", I said after an awkward silence. "Where were you both for the last two months?" She asked and Cameron started to get mad. "Next question please".
The rest of the meeting went good and we switched to different building throughout the day for all the other ones. It was 4:00 and we started to drive over to Brent's for the photoshoot. Brent spent a whole 10 minutes convincing us to take some pictures in the funeral clothes and we eventually gave in. It's not like he whole world isn't going to find out eventually, right? Note the sarcasm.
After being blinded by the lights for a few minutes, he gave me and Cameron our clothes to change into. I was glad to finally be wearing something that was more like me. My feet finally got to rest and I wasn't burning hot. I was wearing blue light-washed jeans, a black sleeveless crop top, a black and white plaid flannel, and red ankle length converse.
When I walked out, Cameron was wearing black ripped jeans, a Hayes merch shirt, a black trench coat, and his black converse. My hair was still in a bun and was all messy, but still looked good. Since it was a photoshoot, I decided I'd wear winged eyeliner and it actually looked good.
I posted a picture from the photoshoot and all our fans went crazy with questions. We drove home and picked up some caramel popcorn before crashing on the couch. I turned on the tv and saw pictures of me and Cameron. We looked at each other before I put the volume a little higher.
It went to the interview earlier with that pushy lady, and it just had to be the part where we were avoiding the two questions.
I went on Instagram and people already were drowning each other with crazy theories. This day was so tiring so I just went on Twitter, tweeted goodnight, then crashed on the couch.
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