~{ Epilogue }~

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This is it people, be ready, you have permission to cry

~ 7 Years Later ~

"Now landing in Sydney Airport."

Luke sighed, leaning back in the seat as he stared out the window, watching the clouds fall. It was five years after they announced Ashton was dead, and Luke had mentally shut down.

He blamed himself.

Abby was arrested for attempted murder and threats, and apparently she'd been stalking Ashton ever since he and Luke met. The dad who beat him up, the alleyway attack, even the kids who picked on Brooklyn, it was all part of her plan.

Luke wanted a fresh start. And for some reason, he felt like America was the perfect place. So, he packed up his and Brooklyn's things- his parents and brothers coming along to help him settle in -and flew out to America for some peace.

But, Luke felt like he needed to come back. So two years later as a vacation, he took Brooklyn and flew home to visit his family, and maybe even Michael and Calum. He hasn't seen them in years. No calls, no texts, no letters were exchanged. Just silence.

He woke Brooklyn and exited the plane tiredly as Brooklyn's head flopped on his shoulder, the tired twelve-year-old asleep on his shoulder. They made their way to the rental car and drove off, finding his parents' house.

It was a small, but loving family reunion, full of tears and laughing. "I called Michael," Ben told his brother, "He didn't answer, but I left a message that you'd be here." Luke nodded, cracking his neck from the long flight.

"Are you alright, Luke," Liz asked, reaching over from the passengers seat and setting a hand on his thigh, "You seem a little out of it." But Luke shook his head saying, "I'm fine."

But he wasn't.

Hours later, Luke needed air. "I'm going for a walk," he announced, "Brookie, c'mon." Brooklyn, still half asleep, toddled over, the two waving goodbye and walking to the out. Luke walked down the familiar roads until he reached the certain place Luke was aiming for.

The house was the same, no damage or vandalism done. A small 'For Sale' sign was perched on the lawn, every tree and every sone still there.

They entered the house, Luke giving Brooklyn a piggy back ride inside, the little girl now wide awake and giggling. He dropped her, Brooklyn running to her old room.

Luke set the keys on the kitchen counter, running his hand over it. He remembers the old countertop...what that led to.

Ashton set the glass down, hopping off the countertop and walking slowly over to Luke.

Luke let out a puff of air, backing up slightly, until he was pressed against the wall. He gulped as Ashton pinned him into place. His right hand slowly dragged itself down Luke's, now bright red, cheek, Luke freezing when Ashton's hand hit his dick.

Luke felt himself getting hard as he let out a shaky breath. Ashton smirked, pressing his lips against Luke's shoulder, sucking on it slightly. "A-Ash-" Luke stuttered, Ashton humming in response.

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