7.13. Ruined

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Poor Hussain... Poor Tehreem... Poor Randhawa.... :( :-p

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Chapter 7.13


Hussain's POV

"why didn't you tell me before Gul?"

"I thought all will be okay after the nikah, but I just didn't imagine in m right mind that Ibraheem would do something like this" her hand was resting over my shoulder, my heart panicked and mind refused to work.

"even last night he didn't even bother to ask me to go to Tehreem's place, khud he chala gaya driver k sath. Pata nai us k damagh mein kia chal raha hea Hussain!"

"its not him Gul! Its not him... its me, my fault; I shouldn't have done this, or at least I should have told him about my feelings for Tehreem."

"But I just couldn't think about all this, mein soch bhi nai sakta tha k ek chota sa mazak, ek ghalti mujhey aj yahan la khara karey gi" 

"God!!!!" unable to decide what to do, what to say I fisted my hair in both my hands as I sat there helpless.

"am so worried about Tehreem, kaheen wo...

"Ibraheem won't do anything to her Gul! I know him" I looked up at her tensed face. "wo jesa bhi hea itna gir nai sakta"

"I know he is going to tell her everything; that joke, my hatred for her... everything but am ready to face it" I stood up and she followed.

"I love her Gul! And trust me falling for Tehreem was not something I planned but it happened, and now as it has already happened, as the harm has already done, I can't step back I can't let her go"

"Hussain but his phone is here, plus Tehreem's phone isn't connecting isn't all this worrisome? Why can't I find that concern on your face?"

She held my elbow making me look at her face and I blinked my eyes gulping the lump down my throat.

"Wo kuch aesa wesa nai karey ga Gul! Ibraheem wont hurt her. I know" I looked into her eyes finding only uncertainty and just when she was about to speak Shehry barged in the room.

His expressions tensed and forehead crumbled into a thousand frowns.

"Kohraam mach gaya hea Tehreem k ghar" he shook his head as he spoke. "I swear merey hath lag gaya na tera ye harami dost mein ne turkey ker deney hen us k"

"Kuch pata chala Shehry?" Gul asked and he gave a silent glare at her and the to me. I frowned, there was something in his expressions that screamed alarm.

"Hussain! is there anything you want to tell me?" he asked taking a step towards me and the frown went deeper. "about Ibraheem. Why would he kidnap you fiancée?"

I looked away his face catching Gul's stare fixed upon my face, making it even difficult for me.

"do you know he went to marriage registrar last night before going to Tehreem's place?" Shehry asked and my head spun up, I stared his face blankly.

"What?" Gul exclaimed in disbelief while I just stood there unable to even speak a word.

"Hussain! there is something terribly wrong and you need to find out coz at Tehreem's place everybody is accusing you for whatever is happening"

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