Chapter Eight

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A/N Sorry if the beginning is bad, just keep reading please, it gets better.😀😆😊.

Frank(who's next?)

Frank and Hazel sat side by side at the beach. Piper and Jason were next to them and Leo was in front of them. But there were two very important people missing. Percy and Annabeth.

They were both in the Big House. That's where Percy was bedridden and Annabeth spent most of her time.

A silence passed between the five until Frank sighed, speaking up, "As you know," he began, "I've taken the responsibility as Praetor. Therefore, Reyna needs me. Since Percy's talking now, we've agreed that I would go back to Camp Jupiter for most of the week. But, I'll be coming back Friday through Sunday."

They all nodded, as if they were expecting this. Except Hazel, who gave him a sad smile. "What about you Hazel?" Jason asked.

Hazel took a deep breath. "I'm staying here," she said. The other three nodded once more, staring blankly.

After a few more minutes of silence, Piper said, "You should probably tell Percy and Annabeth."

Frank stood but put an arm on Hazel's shoulder as she began to stand with him. "Stay here," he said softly, "I'll be right back." Hazel hesitantly nodded before taking her place again.

Frank brushed sand off his legs and walked to the Big House almost blindly. He knew the path so well now, it was sad.

As he arrived outside of the Big House, he heard gentle but frantic murmuring. Panic rose in his chest as he swung the door open.

His eyes widened to the size of golf balls as he took in the sight before him. Percy was more pale than usual. Beads of sweat lined his head. And a line of blood trickled from his mouth and down his neck. His eyes were barely

Annabeth was a complete mess. Her eyes were almost identical to Frank's. The only difference was that she was trying to hide her panic. She kept murmuring words to him. Thought they were muffled in Frank's ears because his shock acted as ear wax. He was frozen in place.

He didn't even notice Annabeth yelling at him until she snapped her fingers in front of his face. He blinked quickly and his ears worked again. "Get. Will," Annabeth commanded in panic.

Frank didn't even nod before he turned into a squirrel and scurried off to the Apollo cabin. Will was nowhere to be seen.

Not the time to be hiding, Frank thought. He went to the next place he could think of. The archery range.

Fortunately, Will was assisting Chiron in teaching the new comers an archery class.

Frank turned into human form, managing to scare all the newbees. "WILL!!" He yelled at the top of his lungs.

Will jumped about a mile in the air. "What?!" He asked, incredulous. Frank stared back at him, wide eyed, and muttered the words everyone in camp dreaded to hear, "It's Percy."

With that, Will left Chiron behind and sprinted as if his life depended on it. Frank turned back into a squirrel and followed closely behind.

When the two reached the Big House, Percy had gone into a coughing frenzy. Frank knew right away that Percy had no control over it.

With every cough, blood splattered against the white sheets and his white skin. His tears of pain mixed with the blood.

Frank looked to Will. He was already at the side of Percy's bed. Annabeth was on the other side.

Will held a glass of water to Percy's mouth, tipping some in. Percy's coughing only slowed. Will then grabbed ambrosia and shoved it into Percy's mouth forcefully as he fixed his nectar drip.

Percy's coughing still hasn't ceased. Will noticed this too and ran out of the room. Exactly seven seconds later, Will came rushing back in with a bowl.

He put it to Percy's lips and tilted it. Frank cautiously took a step forward and noticed it was cold chicken broth.

Percy swallowed, eyes lighting up in pain. But soon after he drained the bowl, his coughing ceased.

Will sighed and sat down. "What happened?" Annabeth asked, watching Percy as he got his bearings.

"He has no food in his system. It looks like there is still poison present. But before you freak out, it's only the remnants. However, it'll take awhile to fade completely. Anyway, since he has no food and has basically been living off a nectar drip, when the poison hit, he had nothing to get out of his system or coat his insides (A/N I don't think this is true by in not a doctor so just go with it)."

Annabeth tore her eyes off Percy and looked at Will (A/N I almost wrote Luke😓😉). She nodded slightly before murmuring softly, "Thank you." She then looked to Frank. "Both of you."

The two boys both smiled weakly and six eyes went to Percy, who looked like he was about to lose consciousness. Will and Annabeth sighed in sync before Annabeth reached for the air mask and slid it over Percy's face, just as his eyes closed.

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