I was currently talking to a group of guys from the wrestling team when I saw Lisa ran out the door. I went after her. "Lisa whats wrong?" i asked in an concerned way.

She paused, and gasped for air. "I saw r-ryan and c-chloe in a r-room. I don't know what they were doing." she looked at me. I hugged her. "Chris how could I have been so stupid to think a boy like him would ever have feelings for a girl like me." she said as she started to cry harder.

I hugged her tight. "There is nothing wrong with you. He's just a fuck boy and he will forever be. Now ill be right back I gotta go do something."

I let go of her and went inside. I searched for tony. When I found him sitting outside, I pulled him. "What's wrong?" So I told him everything. "I'm going to kill him.

I was beyond pissed. We told him not to hurt her and what did he do? He fucking hurt her. We went straight to the bar because that's where Ryan would mostly be.

"Chris, tony" he sighed.

I grabbed him by the shirt and pushed him against the wall.

"What the fuck did you to Lisa" I growled resisting the urge to punch him in the god damn face right now.

"Well I-I" he stopped.

I didn't care no more. I dragged him on the floor and punched him in the face. He pushed me off him and punched me. I could tell he was mad. "I never wanted to hurt her. I didn't know what was gonna happen. I just got a text to come upstairs. Then Chloe was in the hall telling me Lisa was in there." he said. I felt something watery a crossed my lips. I wiped it off and it was blood. Everyone started To crowd up as we started to fight.

Next thing I know is that Samantha said the party is ending. I let him go and went outside. Lisa saw us and ran up to us. "Are you okay?" and as she said that Ryan came. She saw him then looked at us then she looked at him. I looked at him to and he was just staring at her. I looked at her and saw tears fallings from her face. "What did you guys do!" She growled. I know she's didn't like me or Tony fighting but she couldn't be standing up for this son of a bitch after what he just did to her. I've never the been the caring type, but no one hurts my sister

Rylie and Alex came out the party laughing, but abruptly Stopped. They looked at each other, then at Ryan and me, tony and Lisa. Then looked each other.

We all went in the car in silence. Ryan looking at Lisa but She was looking out the window. I could tell she was sad and crying. She put her headphones in her ears and we heard the music blasting through them.

We finally went home. The lights were off meaning mom was asleep. Everyone stayed in the car, except Lisa. She open the door and ran into the house. Slamming the door so hard.

Hi sugar, how am I doing? I think that's I'm doing really bad because I'm not really happy at this point and yet I'm writing, so most of my feelings are what's coming out. Anyway, thank you for the votes and comments.

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