The basement.

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I thought I would share a story of my dad's. Our family has many stories where none of us can quite explain it, to non skeptics we believe we are definitely clairvoyant to some degree. My parents tell me stories from when I was younger, I'm not as in tuned to it as they are but this story of my dads is from his days growing up in a small town outside Toronto. The boys in the story, many of them now fathers and grandfathers refuse to discuss this story unless they are all together, had a few beers, and the lights are all turned on. Other then that it is not talked about. The house I am going to refer too has two parts to they story.

1. My dad and his friends had gathered in the basement of Jason's house (I have changed all names for privacy,) and were doing what kids at the time did, smoking cigarette butts that they stole from the ash tray and playing with games and toys. One of the boys had found a Ouija board. With little else to do they decided why not play it.

They began with silly starter questions, like does this girl at school like me, will I pass the English test, and then they decided to get more brave.

"Is there a ghost down here?"

"Yes" the Ouija board led their hands to the answer. All the boys giggled thinking this was fantastic.

"Are you a nice ghost or a bad ghost?"

"Yes" the Ouija board said back. Jason smacked the question asker in the back of the head, explaining that they need to ask a single questions.

"Are you a nice ghost?"


The boys got quiet and one of the lights in the basement let out a loud pop before the corner of the basement went dark. This is the mid 60's and this home was pre-world war 1. Light bulbs are going to pop.

"Are you a bad ghost?"


A second light popped on the opposite room, only one light remained in the basement above the boys head.

"What's your name?"

They watched as the board began spelling out letters, with one of the boys keeping track, 'William, it says William!' the boy yelled out, they felt a flood of air surge through the room and the next part none of them can explain.

The air moved the Ouija board across the room and all the boys stood up, and backed across the room, staring at a lone mirror in the room, only they didn't see their reflection, they saw an older man with dark black eyes and a long beard and circular lenses staring back at them. They all started yelling 'go away' and the mirror slid of the wall and shattered before the last light went pop.

The boys went back upstairs and refused to play in Jason's basement ever again.

2. Flash forward to many years later, Jason's mom had sold the house and moved across town and Jason and my dad were left to pack up the home.

That included the basement.

My dad kept loading boxes, and people had been in and out all day helping. He got downstairs where a man was standing by a washboard. Not doing anything just standing. Naturally he asked the man if he could lend a hand. The man stared back. He seemed to have a glowing look to him but my dad chalked it up on the basement lights. The man said nothing so my dad continued grabbing boxes and taking them upstairs.

He saw Jason and told him there was some weird old man downstairs. Jason was white as a sheet and said 'The moving truck isn't back no one is here but us.'

They both went back downstairs and saw the same figure only it was slowly walking from corner to corner of the basement with its back turned.

"Excuse me, who are you?" Jason asked, before the man began screaming. My dad describes it as a deep yelling that got louder and higher pitched, like a kettle screeching on a hot stove with the lights flickering.

Both of them couldn't find their feet, and stood there, and suddenly it all at once stopped as soon as it started. They turned to look at each other and back at the figure only instead of being at the other end of the hall it was standing right in front of them, they could smell something that reminded them of sick, and could see every line on this mans face but there were no eyes.

They finally turned to run and let the movers return and do the rest of the work. They only shared single glances and they were reminded of that night as children when they are sure they saw the same face with black eyes. When Jason was unpacking boxes he found an old photo album and flipped through it, he saw a picture he had never seen. His mother told him that was his great uncle William who had lived at the house a long time ago, William had gone crazy and drowned two of his three children (the daughter was with the mother,) and when his great aunt Shirley came home she found him in the basement where he had hung himself, but over his face were scratches where his eyes had been.

there is no doubt in their minds that they had seen William, and one of the reasons why Jasons mom finally decided to move was that in the bathroom, quite often she would find water all over the bathroom which she thought was apart of faulty plumbing, but the boys are sure that it was William.

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