Chapter One Hundred Thirteen

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Charlie had been all snuggly in the bed when a pleasant smell disturbed him from his slumber. He lifted his head up and smelled the air.

"That smells like...muffins." he sat straight up. "But not just any muffins...those are the muffins Mum makes."

Confusion washed over the man as he arose from the bed, confused as to why the home smelled so nice when he didn't cook or bake anything in the recent days.

As he stood up, he reached for a shirt, wondering if his mother had decided to make a trip. But as he pulled the shirt over his head, he realized that didn't really make sense. He knew she was preoccupied with whatever business that Anora was involved in.

He paused for a moment at the bedroom door wondering if it were Sebastian or Magnus who stopped by. But why would they drop off muffins?

"I really need to stop questioning things right now." He said rubbing the sleep from his eyes and walking out of the room. In the center of the table were several muffins placed delicately on a plate.

Charlie looked around but there was no one else in the room or the home.

"What in the world?" he walked over to the plate of muffins and grabbed one. They were still warm, just like how Charlie liked them.

"Hello?" he called out to no one in particular. "Are these muffins for me?"

When no one answered, Charlie shrugged and took a bite.

Anora stepped out from where she was hiding and shook her head at the man.

"You know, if anyone ever wants you dead all they have to do is plant some poisoned muffins for you." She smiled crossing her arms over her chest.

Charlie initially jumped at the sound of her voice, but as he turned around with a mouth full of muffin, he was relieved to see Anora. But as she spoke about poison, he quickly spit out the muffin.

"It's not really poisoned!" Anora cried out as she was sprayed with some pieces of muffin. "Honestly, Charles."

"Well, you're the one who said it!"

"You're the one eating random muffins off the kitchen table!"

"Those are my mother's muffins, don't think I can't tell!"

Anora giggled but quickly covered her mouth with her hand.

"Glad to see you're the same after being gone for so long." Charlie said setting the remaining part of the muffin down.

"Oh stop, you act like I was gone for so long."

"It certainly felt like it. Just ask Roscoe and Iggy."

"Trust me, I've already seen Roscoe, but I'm surprised that I haven't seen-" Suddenly, she felt the light paws of Iggy before his weight fully settled on her shoulder. "Never mind, here he is."

The cat purred loudly, nuzzling his face into Anora's hair.

"Yes, yes I missed you too darling." Anora said reaching her hand up and scratching the cat behind the ear. "Poor old man."

"Oh no, Roscoe and Iggy were just fine." Charlie said. "Besides being absolute drama queens, they were fine."

"Aww did they give you a hard time?" Anora asked.

"Understatement of the century." Charlie huffed.

Anora picked Iggy off her shoulder and placed him on the back of the sofa before walking over to Charlie.

"You poor, poor thing." she cooed at him playfully as she pulled him into a hug.

"Love me." he mumbled into her shoulder.

She chuckled as she wrapped her arms around him tighter. "Who do you think was the one who asked your mother to make you a batch of your favorite muffins?"

"You're the best and I missed you terribly." He said lifting up his head and smiling at her. "But you already knew that, didn't you?"

"Uh...I might have forgotten. Remind me again."

Charlie lifted her up off the floor so that her legs could wrap around his waist.

"I can show you."

"That sounds a lot better."

Anora was sound asleep with Iggy curled up beside her on one side and Charlie lying down beside her on the other. He held one of her hands in his, trailing his fingers over the top and palm of her hand. Despite the dozen little scars that blemished her hands, her skin was still incredibly soft to the touch. He must have tickled her hands with his callused fingers as Anora jerked her hand back and turned into him to continue sleeping.

He could tell she was tired, she had fallen asleep discussing the Order of the Phoenix, and what was needed on their behalf. They were recruiters, which while it sounded like an easy job that it would be quite difficult to convince other witches and wizards of foreign countries to join in the battle. Because if they didn't contain the problem to one area, it would surely spread all around the world.

"I've already recruited two foreigners." she had told him before falling asleep.

"Oh yeah and who are they?"

"Roscoe and Norberta."

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