DeeI woke up feeling terrible

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I woke up feeling terrible.I haven't been feeling well since the party a week ago. Let's just say I was wasted and don't remember anything that happened after the party. I hate that Devin and Ciara forced me to go. I felt sick at the stomach so I ran to the bathroom to throw up. "Dee I'm here" my friend Ciara yelled from the living room. I'm in the bathroom i croaked out "what's wrong" she said coming into the bathroom holding my hair for me "CiCi I don't feel good" I whined like a baby (ironic😂) "what's wrong girl" she giggled "my tummy hurt" I said as vomit escaped my mouth again"well after all that partying you should be" she teased "I don't remember anything" I groaned throwing my head "girl you was too turnt" she exclaimed "I will never drink that much again why didn't u stop me" i croaked "last time I saw you you went upstairs with Dev..Uh oh Dee you didn't "She said with her bulged out "what me and Dev couldn't we're bestfriends"I cried  "but you guys were both long have you been throwing up?"asked concerned " couple of days why? You don't think" I asked catching on to what she said "I think you might be preg...." "Pregnant" I cried finishing her sentence.


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