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"I'm fine Harry! We haven't left the city yet I'll call you at the boarder" Niall says, I sigh rubbing my temples.

"Okay" I say, I could see his smile through the phone.

"Okay, bye" He says, before hanging up. I set my phone down running my fingers through my hair. I go on the security website going through the cameras for the that night one last time. How they didn't catch the people on my property before they cut my line.

I decide to distract myself with work, sending out emails and going through employee evaluations. There is a loud knock on the door. I walk to the front door opening the door and a small girl with long blond hair stands at the doorway. She had pale skin, and green eyes.

"Hey sweet heart, who are you? Where are your parents" I ask, kneeling down in front of her. She stares at me before digging into her pocket she hands me a small piece of paper. I look down at it before opening it.

Dear Harry,

I've kept this secret long enough and I know I should have told you sooner but this is your Daughter Adlai, she is 6 years old. She isn't much of a talker but she will get used to you. The DNA test are in her bag along with at least 4 weeks' worth of clothes, you're going to have to buy more. I am sorry for springing this on you but I am in a rough spot and what's happening is no place for a child.


"Leona?" I breath out, I look back up at the girl who seemed to be studying my face. I stand opening my door wider. "Come in" I say, sweetly. She slowly walks in and I close and lock the door behind her. "Excuse the mess, I am sort of cleaning after an accident.... Are you hungry?" I ask, she looks up at me and nods.

I lead her to the kitchen, helping her up to the counter. I heat up some left overs we had last night. I set down the plate in front of her, before sitting across from her.

"How did you get here, did your mom drop you off?" I ask, she shakes her head. "Did you take the bus?" I ask.

"Uber" she says.

"How far do you live?" I say.

"I live in Boston" she answers.


"Plane" she says, simply and I nod.

"Do you know why your mom suddenly decided to drop you off?" I ask, she just shakes her head and continues to eat. "Uhm can I see your bag?" I ask, she slides of her Mickey and Minnie Mouse backpack. I open it and inside where official court DNA papers. My name in black ink under the word Father.

Birth Date: June 19th 2011

Born in London, England.

"So, you're really my daughter?" I say, she looks at me like I just asked the dumbest question and nods, before finishing her food.

"I'm still hungry" she asks.

"I can order some pizza" I say, she nods.

After 4 slices of pizza, Adlai falls asleep on the couch in the den. I walk around my office thinking of how this could happen. Leona Landry was someone I met one night at a bar on a business meeting. She was pretty, and I was horny I didn't think much of it. After that I went back to America and left it at that, I never heard from her again. I fall in my office and decide to call Niall.

"Hey Haz!" Niall says, happily.

"Hey princess" I say.

"We made it to the cabin! Sorry I didn't call you at the boarder like I said I would" he says.

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