What Happens in Vegas

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Vampires. Why does it always have to be Vampires, I thought as I examined the pale corpse of the young woman that lay on the autopsy table like a slab of meat. Two neat puncture wounds at the neck clearly told the tale of how she had met her fate, and I resisted the urge to shiver as the chief medical examiner, a portly man in a white lab coat with horn rimmed glasses, droned on about the possible causes of death. I glanced at David Ross who was standing on the other side of the autopsy table with the doctor.

"As you can see the victim has been drained of all blood. Death occurred slowly but there were no signs of a struggle," the chief medical examiner said.

"Thank you, Dr. Richardson. We appreciate you coming down to fill us in personally. We'll take it from here," David said.

The chief medical examiner nodded, was about to say something, thought better of it and promptly left. Clearly he was used to getting orders from David which made perfect sense because the Ross Family had made several generous donations to the hospital and David's father sat on the board of directors. The power of the Families was vast. Getting a famous commoner doctor out of bed in the middle of the night to go over the autopsy report with us was nothing to someone like Michael Ross.

David took out his Razor Phone and did a quick scan of the corpse. He looked at the data that came back and shook his head. I was surprised to see how affected David was by this. We'd seen far worse scenes in our time together as partners, but clearly this was a special case.

"Who was she, Ross?" I asked.

David put his phone away. "Someone very important to my father. Her name was Samantha Warner and she was a rising star at Ross Enterprises. My father was grooming her to be his protégé. She was critical to our plans for the Malaysian development. Colonel Nash was even thinking of recruiting her to Blackstone, but my father wouldn't allow it."

"And now she's dead. I wonder what vampire would have the balls to take out your father's star student?" I said.

"That's something we're trying to find out. So far the heads of all the clans have sworn they know nothing about this."

"Which means we're dealing with a rogue."

"That's right."

I shook my head. Rogue Vampires were the worst sort to deal with. Powerful and unpredictable, they were usually outcasts from a clan that went out of their way to flaunt their power by doing everything they could to disrupt human society. The only thing more difficult to deal with would be a Grimm Lord.

Just then, David's Razor Phone hummed in his pocket. He took it out and instantly a holographic projection of Michael Ross shot out. The powerful CEO of Ross Enterprises coldly looked down on the body of his former associate.

"Such a waste," Ross said.

"Is that all you can say, Father?" David asked.

"I see no reason to be sentimental, David. The only thing that matters now is finding the rogue vampire that did this and bringing it to justice. Agent Heidegger, I want you to work closely with my son on this assignment. He will need all of your powers and skills," Ross said.

"Nicole is currently assigned to a recruiting mission in Africa," David said.

"Not any longer. For the near future, Ross Family business is to be your chief concern. I want the piece of filth that set my Malaysian project back six months, brought to justice immediately," Ross said.

"You mean killed," David said.

Michael Ross raised one eyebrow and smiled. "I have something more elegant planned for our dear friend than simply death. It's very important that you bring this rogue in alive."

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