Chapter 30

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Walking through the car park he didn't stop until he placed me gentle onto my feet next to my car.

"Where are we going?" I asked as he opened the passenger side door. Lifting me into his arms again he placed me into the seat and did up my seatbelt.

Was he going to answer me? Jumping at the sound of him closing the door I waited until he was seated.

"Blaze?" I questioned as he started the car and took off.

"It's a surprise" He grinned turning on the radio.

"You know I hate surprises" I groaned "Can I have a hint?"

Were we going away for just today? A couple of days? I didn't even have an overnight bag heck I didn't even have my purse nor my phone.

"You'll like where we're going and that's all you need to know" He said turning up the radio, I'm guessing it was so I would stop asking questions.

"I don't even have my purse" I said a little louder so he would hear me.

"Don't need it babe"

"I don't have my phone either and what if-..."

"Just you Ava no phones no nothing now be quiet I love this song" He smirked. Sighing I lay my head against the window and stared at the scenery as we passed.

We had been driving for almost 2 hours and I was bored I was bored hungry and starting to get sore.

"How much longer?" I asked as he turned onto a slip road well if you could even call it a road. It was surrounded by trees and grass and if I was the one driving I would have missed it.

"Not long darlin' maybe another hour or so" Taking his smokes from the dash board he lit one up and opened the window.

"I'm starting to get sore Blaze" As soon as the words left my mouth he pulled over and came to a stop.

"Wanna get out and stretch for a bit?" He asked leaning over and undoing my seatbelt. I didn't want to burst his bubble because he was trying to do a nice thing and take me away from it all for a bit but did he actually think it through first?

I smiled at him not bothering to mention it. I didn't want to sour the atmosphere when he was trying. "No lets just keep going" My ass was numb and I couldn't move much because of this bloody cast.

"You sure?"

"I'm sure" I nodded as he started the car again and took off. Truth be told it was just as much hassle getting out of the car and I couldn't do that on my own.

"What you thinking?" He asked turning the radio down and finishing off his smoke.

"About where we're going" I grinned "Have I been before? Are we going just for today? Please tell me you remembered clean pants for me if we're staying longer than today".

Placing his hand over my good one he gave it a little squeeze. "Calm down babe" He laughed "You don't need to worry about anything it's all been taken care of even your panties". He smirked sliding his hand down to rest on my knee.

"Fine" I sighed as we fell into a comfortable silence. Laying my head against the window I closed my eyes


As I felt myself falling into a deep sleep the car came to a stop jerking me awake. Groaning a yawn fell from my mouth as I opened my eyes.

A cabin? He had brought me to a cabin?Feeling the smile tug at the corner of my mouth I glanced around bouncing in my seat like an excited child. I had never been to a cabin before and truth be told I was looking forward to the peace and quiet.

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