Chapter 21 | Old Friends 'n Fairs

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*FlashBack* continuing from previous chapter*
"I don't normally do this, but may I tell you a story?" Emma asked, fear of rejection marred her face for a brief second before her face went blank.

"Aye, I Suppose so... Its not as though I've got many other things to do considering I've got to watch your every move." Killian hummed in reply. And because I can't let the Queen take something else away from me. He slipped, meaning to say that last part to himself.

She couldn't help but think he was referring to her with what he whispered, but he probably just meant his heart.

Emma cleared her throat, as her whole face lit up. She moved to tuck a fallen strand of hair behind her ear, but was annoyingly reminded that she couldn't because of the restraints.
"Well, Once there was this girl who was swept away up in a hurry and sent away to live in another realm to escape a threatening curse, a curse that was bound to doom her land. She was only a little girl at the time, ripped from her family, her home everything she knew." Emma paused, her expression dulling as she Relived the tragic memory "... She was scared and lonely but she survived; Living on hope. Hope that someday she'd get to go home.
When she was a little older an old friend from her realm came to Rescue her, to bring her home and reunite her with her Parents. She was excited, and overwhelmed with happiness to be reunited with her family..." "And not too long after, she bumped into a strange young man who set her heart aflame," Emma couldn't completely hide the blush that crept over her cheeks. "He was special to her. Whether or not he knows it, which she may never know. But then tragically she lost him, And on the day he was lost to her the girl vowed that she would stop at nothing to get him back. Because, the young woman didn't realize what she had had...Until it was gone. She only hopes that when she does find him, the real him. He might feel the same." She finishes, hope flickering in her eyes but it's lost on him.

Killian rubs at his temples, in thought. "I feel like I've heard that one before...." He mumbles as his brows drew together, "How does it end?"

Emma smirks. "It hasn't."

*present time*
New Orleans is overwhelming, with so many foreign sights and smells, languages Emma has never heard and a staggering amount of people out on the streets despite the fact that it's well past 10 pm. Wondering what all the commotion is about Emma pulls into a parking spot she is lucky to find near the front row, so they can get out and stretch their legs.

Grabbing ahold of her coat she looks through the windshield squinting to read the words hanging above a gate. "Hey look Killian, there's a Fair going on!" Emma points to the brilliantly lit up Carnival sign. "Can we go?" She asks, getting a little excited as she looks over to him side glancing her with the "your kidding me right" look.
"Please Killian, pretty please!?" Emma shamelessly pouts like a 5 year old; her hands balled up and her bottom lip out, as she shoots him down with her best impression of his puppy eyes.

He tries to hold her off, he really does... But no man in his bloody right mind could tell that vixen no. He sighs, "As you wish." defeated Killian rolls his eyes playfully at Emma as she squeals with excitement while getting out of her car. He can't recall ever seeing her this excited about anything,

As they walk down the middle of the county fair after paying their $4 admission, Emma is instantly overwhelmed with the smell of all the fried foods; From Hot dogs, warm pretzels being drenched in gooey nacho cheese, to her personal favorite - Buttery elephant ears sprinkled with cinnamon and topped with sugar, She for some strange reason can't shake the urge to stuff her face.

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