Chapter 29

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Previously in Dark and Dangerous Love:

Harry sighed. “And you spent the night here?”

“Yeah, I think so, but I don’t think we’ve done anything…”

“You don’t have to do anything, just you being here is a sign of hope for him.”


“What are you trying to say, Harry?” Evelyn gasped, her doe-like eyes clouded with shock and bewildered by Harry’s sudden change of attitude.

She didn’t know how or why, but it was as if Harry had gone through a 180 turn over night. The sweet, kind and caring Harry wasn’t there anymore. From the moment that she opened her eyes, Harry had been rude, inconsiderate and dropped countless of snippy remarks.

It frightened her how different he was acting.

Ever since she entered the Royal City and the Royal Palace, she barely left her room and Harry was her only and one true friend whom she can depend on beside from her maids, and she couldn’t afford for Harry to get annoyed with her.

She needed him in order to survive her time in the Royal City, as a mental reassurance that not all vampires were heartless and complete assholes like Zayn, she needed Harry and that safe feeling she gets whenever she was around him.

“You know what.” Harry replied after a while without looking at her. “You said countless times that you don’t want to be here, that you don’t want Zayn and that there’s nothing you would like more than for him to stop loving you, but do you realize what you had done by spending the night, here, with him?

“What are you talking about Harry?” Evelyn whimpered, and Harry took a step closer towards her, his eyes darkening with fury.

“By allowing him to kiss you last night, you had planted an irreversible seal on your fate. You had planted that glimmering light of hope in Zayn’s mind and from now on, he would always believe that he has a chance at love with you. He will always believe that what he feels for you will somehow be returned because that one kiss.” Harry’s face turned into one of disgust and pain. “He won’t ever let you go; you will be his pretty little pet forever.”

“H-Harry, I didn’t know, I'm sorry…”

“Sorry?” He laughed. “Will sorry fix this whole thing? Will sorry make Zayn forget about you and stop feeling what he feels for you? Will sorry make him let you go and let give back your freedom to love whoever you want?” Harry shook his head in amazement and turned away from her so she could not read the pain on his face. “Saying sorry right now is like smashing a plate into a hundred little pieces and then apologizing; hoping that it would go back to what it was before… Sorry means nothing once it’s all said and done.”

 “Harry… Why are you so upset by this?” She asked, concern filled her voice, and she was right, why was he so upset by it all?

Zayn was his maker and his King.

If Zayn thought that he had a shot at love with Evelyn then he must be happy, and if Zayn’s happy then Harry should be as well. Also, if Evelyn let Zayn kiss her last night then that must mean that she was learning that using fire against fire wasn’t the right way to go and that the only way for her to survive was to let go of her pride and stubbornness a little and monitor her behaviour around Zayn.

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