The Girl In The Club

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"Mortals. You slap on an ominous sounding name and BAM! Packed night after night," I say into my iphone.

It's Saturday night, and I'm in my office, spinning in my desk chair. (No, I am not a little kid...) I was watching my clubs on the monitors again.

"Hey, Nightfall is a huge success. You started it with the first two clubs, which became a huge hit, then expanded all over the United States. Plus-" (I hear laughing) "You make a lot of moo-la. I like that word. Moo-la, moo-la, moo-la." (More laughing) "So when is your kitty butt going to get down here to Daybreak?" asks Dylan.

I smile into the phone. "Didn't we just discuss this a few minutes ago? I'll be down in a bit. I have to-," I cut myself off, staring at a screen.

She's back.....again. This chick has been coming to Daybreak for the last few weeks, always between eight and ten, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. From this view, I can see long dark hair, a t-shirt, and jeans.

"Hellooooo? You still there? Hey, Kayla!" My name snaps me out of my trance.

"Wha-?" I start, and then shake my head to clear my mind. "Chick's back again."

"Ah...." Dylan says, as if this explained everything, which it did. (Obviously we have spoken of her before.)

"Sooooo..... Gonna go see her? You have been curious." Dylan says, chuckling.

I bite my bottom lip, and say, "Maybe a little..." (Dylan snorts) ".....okay moderately." Another snort, but this one I ignore.

"Well then go see what she wants."
"You think so?"

"Of course, it's your club and besides I trust you, you know that."

"Okay," I redundantly agree, finally.

"Well then......" Dylan says.

"Well then what?" I question confused.

"Well then...... this!!" The next thing I know all I hear is the dial tone. She hung up on me! Well that's that. I guess I better go see the dark haired chick wants now.

With a sigh, I stand up and exit my office. I walk down the hall and stop before the door that says "DC" ("Daybreak club"). If I wanted to go to Nightfall I would have gone the other way towards the door marked "NF". If I want to go to my home, I would go down the lead off hall.

So I push open the door...
... and walk straight into a kiss fest.

"Hey man, some privacy!!" the dude shouts. "Yeah, we were here first!" says the girl.

"First of all, you shouldn't be in here," I say. "Second, I could get you kicked out, so you don't want to speak to like that."

"Oh yeah?" the guy says harshly. "Let's see you do that!"

The girl puts her hand on the guy's arm. Then she flashes her fangs.

"Ahhh! Sooooo scary." I put on a mock horror face. "No. I see that every day. If you don't want to be thrown out-" I shift into an albino lion, and roar loudly. They jump back. Shifting back I continue, "- and not be allowed in any Daybreak club, anywhere, I suggest you leave. Oh and if I do throw you two out, be sure to tell your friends that you were thrown out by the five foot two owner." I brace my hands on my hips.
I smirk as their white faces go whiter.

"Oh we're sorry ma'am-" says the dude, before I cut him off.

"Do I look old to you??" I demand.

"I'm only 22!! I'm probably younger than you,"- I point to the girl- "and a lot younger than you," - I point to the guy-"so get OUT!!" now I point to the door.

They immediately scramble out this time, mumbling apologies. I slowly follow, walking. Then I shut the door behind me, take out my master key and lock it. Those two are older than me, but the mentality level of vampires is the same as human, but it's on a slower scale. If you were Changed in your teens, as these two had been, then you will have a teenage mindset for an additional ten to twenty years.

Okay time to find the chick I was looking for. Being in Daybreak means she's a supernatural. And she was next to the vamp bar. Let's get something straight. I DO NOT sell drinks. The human club- Nightfall- serves only non-alcoholic drinks. A special non-alcoholic drink that appears like alcohol, tastes like alcohol, smells like alcohol, but isn't.

At Daybreak, there's a blood bar for vamps, all natural stuff for fairies/ shapers (shapeshifters), and one with regular stuff for werewolves/ shapers. It takes a lot of alcohol to intoxicate a supernatural- so much that it's not worth it.

So no alcohol. But people still consider my clubs to be the best and exclusive.

Weaving and squeezing, I make my way through the dancers. When I get there, I start to panic and look around.

She's not here!

I sigh and sit down.

Then I check my watch. It's nine o' three. Actually that makes sense. She switches bars about every forty- five minutes. It's time for 'wolves and shapers.

There she is.

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