Chapter 12 - Marry Me?

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[Balz's POV]

Days passed since we found out about Snow's biological mother.

Ryan Ashley managed to have her body exhumed and sent to Ecuador to be buried. Her mother felt thankful, and understood about me and Ryan Ashley being nervous about having Snow taken from us, and once she had buried her daughter in Ecuador, she will come back and talk with us.

Right now, Snow was at school and me and her were at the shop. It was a slow-ish day.

Ryan Ashley was signing off some orders.

I smiled, taking a deep breath and feeling brave about this.

"Hey," I spoke, and she looked over.

"Hi," she smiled softly.

"How are the orders?" I asked, walking over.

"Normal as usual. Got a lot of furniture orders though, that's for sure," she chuckled.

I smiled and gently took her hand.

"I know you're still upsetting," I said. "But we will pull through."

She signed. "Yeah, I hope so."

I smiled as she then spoke again.

"You know... After you found her, and decided we should raise her... I was scared. Mostly that I would fail as a mother," she said. "But, then I looked at her and... All that fear went away. When she first called me 'mama,' I felt this warmness in my heart, and...."

I smiled and nodded. "You felt more confident with her."

She smiled and nodded.

I decided I should tell her.

"You know.... I know the past years we were really busy to focus on ourselves," I said.

She smiled. "We had to raise Snow, focus on opening out stores.... Keep the band going. We had a lot in our plate," she said. "I mean, everything would have happened eventually anyway. I'm a patient woman."

"Well, nonetheles," I said, reaching into my pocket for the box and then getting on my knee. "You've waited long enough."

Her eyes widen and her hand went over her mouth as I opened the box.

"Ryan Ashley Malarkey, I love you. Aside of Snow, I love you more than anything in this whole world. And spending the rest of my life with you," I said.

She looked at me, her eyes still wide with surprise.

"Will you marry me?" I asked.

She was quiet as her hand went from her mouth to her chestand her opened mouth formed a smile.

"Josh, I...." She said, smiling. "Yes... Yes, I'll marry you."

I smiled and she leaned in, kissing me passionatly and hugging me with her arms around my neck.

We then pulled back so I then put the ring on her finger, kissing her again.

"I love you," She smiled.

"I love you, more," I smiled.


Picture: Ryan Ashley's engagement

I swear I was screaming when I heard the news!! I was so excited!!

So happy for Balz and Ryan Ashley in their engagement!! I wish them them only the best for their lives together.

I definitely cannot wait to see what their wedding looks like! :D

♡~ sapphire.

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