I continue to cry for hours, I can't seem to stop crying. I'm angry and embarrassed for what Max has done to me. I knew he was sleeping around with the maids, but I never thought that one of them would actually come and rub it over my face.

I don't deserve this, I deserve much better. I'm his wife, I deserve respect from everyone.

I look up when I hear the door open. I know I've been sitting here crying all day, waiting for Max like the good wife that I am.

Max walks in with a tired expression on his face, he stops on his tracks and looks at me with a raised eyebrow as in wondering why I've been crying.

"Are you okay?" He ask with amusement dancing in his eyes which only causes me to get angrier at him, "no" I whisper. I look at him with tears in my vision, "your maid rub it in my face today that you sleep with her!" I scream out, not caring that the whole house can hear me shout, not caring that even the new butler is able to hear my outrage.

Maxwells eyes widen in anger, "watch it!" He hisses at me. I quickly stand with my pillow in hand, "what? You don't want your maid to hear me!" I shout as I throw the pillow at his face, he grabs it and looks at me with so much anger in his eyes that I take a step back, now regretting even throwing that pillow at him.

"I said watch it" he lowly hisses, "why don't you watch it for once instead!?" I cry out, he stares at me in nothing but complete disgust. I shake my head and wipe my tears away, "aren't you afraid that your maid is going to speak up about having you in their bed?" I whisper as I look back at him.

His eyes widen a little as in just realizing that the maid does have a mouth and can blackmail him. He covers up the look in his eyes and looks away from me.

I shake my head and walk towards the door, before I'm able to open it he grabs me by the arm and roughly pushes me back towards the bed, "you will not disrespect me!" He shouts.

My body trembles as I stare at him with tears in my eyes, he steps towards me and grips my jaw, "if you do something like this again, I will make sure you regret it" his tone is deadly but it's a promise that I know he will keep.

I whimper in his hold. He fakes a smile and let's me go, "just remember, you belong to me" he whispers, he walks away from me and heads into the bathroom.

I break down and full on cry now, why does he do this to me? What have I done to drive him into doing this? I'm tired, I'm slowly getting tired of having to deal with the things that he does. I wipe my tears and walk out the room.

I need to get as far away from his as possible. I make it downstairs to see the butler talking to my husbands special maid, I ignore them both and angrily walk pass them with tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Mrs-" I hear the butler say when I walk pass them, I quickly grab a bottle from the bar and walk outside to the backyard without stopping. I enter the pool house and close the door behind me.

I sit down on the edge of the pool and I try to open the bottle. I hear the door to the pool house open, but I don't need to look to know who it is.

I feel him sit down beside me on the edge of the pool, he puts his feet inside the water

I feel him sit down beside me on the edge of the pool, he puts his feet inside the water. The bottle doesn't open and I groan out annoyed, "let me see" he says, he takes the bottle away from me. My tears continue to roll down my cheeks without being able to stop.

The butler hands me back the bottle once it's open and he has taken a sip from it.

"That's strong" he complains, I ignore him and take a big drink from it. The minutes pass by us without any of us speaking a word, the silence in the room isn't awkward, it's actually pretty comfortable for some reason.

"Do you want to talk about what happened?" He suddenly speaks up. By now my tears have stopped, but I'm sure my makeup is in a complete mess. "I'm sure I don't need to talk about it, you must already know what the problem is" I tell him.

I gaze at him to see him looking straight ahead, he nods his head agreeing with me, "you're right. I don't need you to tell me, but maybe you want to get it off your chest?" he tells me causing me to smile and shake my head. It wouldn't do any difference if I did decide to tell him or not.

Things will still be the same for me, nothing will ever change. "You know, I'm sure you have your reasons for staying, but why don't you leave him?" the butler ask me as he reaches out for the bottle, he grabs it from me and takes a drink from it. I look at him and I finally notice the color of his eyes, they are the brightest blue I've ever seen. Probably the most beautiful blue.

He looks at me and we lock eyes, he smiles. "Is there a reason why you're looking at me like that?" He ask. My eyes widen and I look away from him, I didn't notice I was staring too much. "It's just that, you're eye color is very beautiful" I whisper causing him to laugh. "Thank you" he says as he hands me back the bottle.

I take another drink, "I'm Aeneas by the way" he says, I look at him in question. "You never asked for my name" he whispers. "I've just been calling you the butler" I confess to him.

"Your name is really interesting" I tell him, Aeneas smirks at me. We lock eyes again and I slowly start to get lost in his beautiful blue eyes, after a minute I look away.

"I'm going back inside, I'm sure Max is looking for me" I tell him, Aeneas doesn't say anything as I get up and leave the pool house. I walk back inside to see an angry Maxwell waiting for me by the staircase. "Where were you?" He hisses at me in questioning.

He grips my arm, "I was outside taking a walk" I say and pull my arm out of his grip. Max grips my arm again and drags me upstairs to our room.

He pushes me inside and slams the door shut, "you will not walk away from me again! I wasn't even done with you earlier" He shouts at me, I take a step back as he quickly walks over to me, his hand swings forward and the back of his hand meets the side of my face.

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