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before explaining the title of this chapter, i want to say congrats for finishing Enhancement! this kind of hasn't hit realization for me yet, mostly because i though this day would never come. back when i posted my first chapter for Enhancement, i had no idea where i'd end up by now...

we've been through a lot. from typos, mistakes, and late updates to awards, opportunities, and massive numbers of readers, i cannot say thank you enough.

i also can't say sorry enough for chapters 74 and 75 ;) cue the nervous laughter from me and the pitchfork-and-torch wielding mob of readers lol.

((please don't kill me!!)

but with all the joking put aside, the next chapter updates include:

-- multiple character trailers

-- a bonus NOVELLA where YOU choose which character tells it, when it takes place, and more!

sound good? i really hope so! the Enhancement world still has so many aspects i've never explained or narrated, so i think we'd all love to dig deeper into a twisted place like Holland's nation.

Question: Do you have any idea for who or what you'd like the novella to be about? This includes any ideas taking place before or after Holland enters the Enhancement Project, even events occurring after chapter 75.

take a minute to think about Enhancement as a whole and don't forget that Enhancement technically isn't over yet! swipe to the next chapters to access four trailers and the beginning of the novella :)

-- scifiwriter --

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