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❤️Caprice's P.O.V;❤️

"But I don't want to be apart of your stupid gang. I want to go to school, get my education, and get a job. And you aren't gonna stop me," David says to my father and I just stood there, in the corner. "What's so good about school? I dropped out at eighth grade. I wasn't learning anything good." My dad shoots back.

"Well, that's because you were the bad child." With that said, he slaps him across the face.

I covered my eyes, not wanting to see any of this as my dad starts hitting David.

"Stop it!" I finally yell as he stops and gives me a dead look. He then throws David on the floor and starts walking to me. My eyes widen and I started running as fast as my seven year old legs can go and ran in the closet, locking the door behind me.

That was the first memory I remembered about when me and David were together, before my father joined a gang. He abuses David because he would always reject him and tell him he doesn't want to join a gang and wants to finish college to get a job, stupid I know. And then there's me, the bystander. Not knowing what to do. I was young then, so if course I would stay silent, hiding in the corners.

Then after my father passed away, I guess he joined a gang and now he's sending letters to Emma.

I have this small feeling that Emma isn't dead. Because I know David wouldn't do that. He doesn't hurt girls. Well, he does hurt girls. But that depends on what they did. But what I meant to say was he doesn't kill girls.

That is, if it wasn't David.

Right now, I'm sitting on the couch next to Jake, silent. Ryder was on his phone, with a worried look on his face, Mark and Zach was taking a nap, Carter stuffed his face with the palms of his hands, Grayson and Eddie left and Brenden is sitting down, looking around.

As soon as we got the letter from David three months ago, this is how it was all been. Very awkward. Mark hadn't planned on any missions any time soon and through these three months, we only went to school once.

"So, uh, how is everyone?" I try to bring something up and Carter looks at me. "What kind of question is that?" He asks, more in a rude way as he gets up and walks to his room.

"It's okay, just give him some time." Jake tells me and I nod my head.

I decided to get out the hideout, away from the silent and awkwardness and went for a walk. I've been out here for like half an hour.

I stopped at the park for a while then continued to walk.

Now it's eight o'clock and I'm getting ready to head back the hideout.

Since it was dark, I couldn't see anything so I bumped into someone.

"Watch where your fucking going," the female voice growls and I turn to see who it was. I squint my eyes to see then my eyes widen.



Here's the Epilouge.  Oh my god, I almost forgot about this part. Heh. Sorry.

- mel 💘

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