Not Alone

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            I walked into school the next day all eyes on me. “Weird.” I walked down the hall feeling their eyes pierce my back sending tingles down my spine. It was actually kind of uncomfortable. I managed to get to my locker just in time to run into Jace.

            “Well if it isn’t the girl that totally dethroned the queen bee.” He stated looking down at his textbook.


            He closed his book and put it in his locker. He closed his locker and grabbed my hand pulling me off down the hall. “Come on.”

            I struggled to pull back from his grip. “Jace, where are you taking me?” He didn’t answer he just kept walking.

            “Look.” He stood me in front of a piece of white paper with black ink printed on it. I did as he said and read it.

            I scoffed. “Wow, I made the team. Is that all you wanted to show me?” He threw his head back and let out an aggravated sigh.

            “Come here.” He grabbed my hand and my hand lit up with sparks as he pulled me through the doors of the gym.

            I ignored the sparks as I attempted to snatch my hand back from him. “Jace, what the hell is wrong with you today? I’m not some dog you can tow around on a leash!” He dropped my wrist violently before I found myself sitting on the first row on the bleachers.

            “What’s wrong with you?” Jace questioned.

            I scoffed. “What’s wrong with me? How about what’s wrong with you?! Normal people don’t go around grabbing people pulling them into empty, not to mention dark, gymnasiums.” He rolled his eyes. “What’s wrong with you, Jace?”

            “It bothers me how you go around acting like nothing matters to you.” He shook his head before meeting my eyes. “I saw you in the gym during auditions the other day and for the first time since you got here, I saw you let loose and show just a little hint of emotion.” I rolled my eyes.

            I stood up from my seat on the bleachers and straightened out my dress. “Okay, let’s get one thing straight Jace. You’ve known me for a month. That doesn’t entitle you to lecture me on why I am the way I am!”

            He laughed incredulously. “See, that’s the problem with you! As soon as people start caring and showing interest in you, you build this wall up around you!”

            “I don’t need this right now, especially from you!” Fed up, I stood up from the bleachers walking toward the exit doors of the gymnasium.

            I heard him let out an aggravated groan. “You’re just like her! You’re so arrogant and stubborn it’s infuriating.” I turned around. Her?

            I turned around as my hands rested on the cool metal of the door. “What?”

            “It’s nothing. Just leave.”

            “No.” I fully turned around and walked over to him. “You dragged me in here. I want to know what the hell is going on.” He sighed and sat down.

            “I know I haven’t known you for so long, but you just remind me so much of her. You’re smile. You’re personality. You’re practically a spitting image of her.”

            I tentatively took a seat next to him. “Who’s ‘she’?”

            He slightly smiled. “My sister.” My heart throbbed in my chest. His sister? “I’ll get right to the point. Lacey, my younger sister, died a couple weeks before you showed up.” I felt this tumor of guilt grow in the pit of my stomach. “Do you know how much your dad talks about you? How much he missed you? How he wishes he didn’t miss out on your whole life? You know their basement has many photos of you nailed to the wall?”

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