Chapter 8

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Lucy's POV:

After the team finished the mission Erza didn't talk to me the entire ride home. I knew she was jealous and upset. The kiss between Natsu and I didn't mean anything to me, I only love her. She makes me feel special. I tried to make conversation with her.

"hey Erza?" I said and she only hummed in response. Yep she is definitely mad at me

"You know i love you right" I said softly so the others wouldn't hear.

" Listen, Lucy I love you. Like i really really love you. I love you so much you make me experience something that I never did before. But right now I just need some time to think. Okay?"

"I understand Erza. I will give you some time. Well I have to go back home now. Bye" i replied sadly.

" No! It isn't a goodbye. it's more like see you later until i feel better" i was somewhat suprised when she said this, but also happy.

" The see you later Erza" i said while giggling softly. I gave her a quick peck on her cheek.


The next day I still felt really bad for making Erza upset. We just started our relationship and I caused an argument. Suddenly an idea popped up in my head. I would make her a strawberry cake, her favorite.

It took me an hour and a half to finish making the cake. i made sure the cake was decorated nicely which took a long time. On the cake i wrote "I'm sorry" in icing. I put the cake in a box and wrapped it in a bow so it would look nice.

To be extra sweet i wrote her a card:

Dear Erza,

I know that you probably aren't ready to forgive me yet. I just wanted you to know that I love you with all my heart. Because i know you are having a hard time I decided to make you a strawberry cake, since I know that it's your favorite. It may not be the best cake, but I tried. I made sure to put all the love i could. I love you babe.

Love, Lucy

However before I went to give Erza the cake I had decided to buy her a teddy bear from town. I got a giant brown bear that was holding a giant heart where I also taped my card. Finally I was done with my surprise gift for Erza.

Unfortunately I couldn't carry everything by myself, so I decided to call for a responsible celestial spirit. Virgo.

"Gate of the maiden, I open thee.Virgo" i said

"yes princess" Virgo said as she appeared in front of me. I sighed

"Virgo you can just call me Lucy. No need to be formal."

"Yes princess. Shall I be punished" i sighed again and didn't respond to her.

"Virgo can you please help me carry these to Erza?"

" yes princess"

We walked through town to reach where Erza lived. Luckily her door was open so I sneaked in easily. When I got in I dropped off the bear in her room and planned to surprise her when she cam home. However, i waited for 2 hours and still there was no sign of her.

Finally, I gave up and went to leave the cake in her fridge and went to walk through the park. As I was walking I heard someone giggling. It sounded very familiar. I turned around to see Erza laughing while eating some cake.

As I walked closer I saw Jellal next to her with a giant strawberry cake obviously better than my cake. He probably got it professionally made for a lot of me. I could understand that Erza would like Jellal more than me. I mean i'm not that special, I barely have enough money to pay my rent.

I turned around and walked away from them. I wouldn't want to ruin what makes Erza happy. As long as she is happy, than i'm happy as well. My walking started getting faster and before i knew it i was running. Running as fast I could, knocking into many people as I felt tears wanting to fall from my eyes.

So sorry for the late update guys. I have been having a really hard time keeping my grades up because my math teacher makes the hardest f**king tests possible and most of the questions dont make sense. This chapter idea was suggest by @Falcontailmention 

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