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Book of Shadows - the sacred book of the Order of Shadows that holds their deadliest and most powerful magic.

Death traps - these are lethal booby traps that are either triggered by motion or touch. As the sun goes down, they become more powerful. They can be programmed to do just about anything by the weaver and have to be unraveled like a web made by magic.

First Borns / Natives - they were the first inhabitants of Lansguard before they discovered magic and created Vampires and Werewolves. They were driven out of Lansguard by their creations, and they now occupy a vast stretch of land at the south end of the Mountain.

Hedgewood - an unassuming rural county where the convergence points of Lansguard and Earth meet, forming a two-way portal that can be used to go between the two worlds.

Lansguard - the original home of the First Borns, Vampires, and Werewolves.

Pentorium - the collective name of the five vampire cities each headed by one of the great families.

The Five Families

~ Salvay

~ Vescovi

~ Passerini

~ Ungaro

~ De Rege

Runes - these are the signs used in shadow magic. (Think Norse and Celtic, not Shadow Hunters)

Shadows - they are purely magical beings created from dead vampires and werewolves who feed on souls to fuel their magic. They have no solid bodies and are unable to remain on earth unless they manage to bond completely with a human being.

Shadow Eater - there is only one known in existence, and that is Ava. She hunts the shadows that Sven creates in this realm.

The Order of Shadows - it is the most powerful group of Shadows that are in charge of ruling over Lansguard.

The Mountain - that is where Marx and Lochlan live and where Marx's new pack has gathered.

Vervain - this is the vampire equivalent to wolfsbane. It is a highly poisonous plant that can incapacitate a vampire. They are never used in medicine, unlike the wolfsbane that has a wider variety of applications.

Wolfsbane - is a highly poisonous flower if not handled right, can kill werewolves. They are employed in herbal potions and can be used to mask a person's scent from a werewolf.

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