"Shawn Harris?" I said venomously as I poke the lettuce that I was suppose to shove into my mouth with my fork brutally.

"Shawn freaking Harris. Can't believe it yourself too, huh?" Emily said as she gave out a bitter chuckle.

"Didn't know the trustworthy friend of Williams was capable of backstabbing." I said as I narrowed my eyes at Evan and his little gangs' lunch table.

"Why the hell would that little dipshit sleep with his best friend's girlfriend? That asshole kept saying all of this sentimental bullshit about bros before hoes and then he go fucks his little bro's girlfriend. Can't help but say he spoke too soon." Levi stated.

"Where are they anyway?" I asked as I look around the cafeteria. It's already lunchtime and the both Shawn and Mandy haven't showed up yet nor have they even announce that they're officially dating to the whole entire school.

"Maybe because King Shawn of the Backstabbers and Queen Mandy of the bitches and hoe bags are too busy smooching each other's faces off. But they'll show up anytime soon. Devils do need to eat at times." Beth joked as Emily and Levi laughed as I just smiled weakly in reaction.

"How did you two even found out that they were dating?" I asked. Beth and Emily looked at each other and just chuckled at the same time.

"We might not be spies but we are good at sticking our noses in other people's business." Emily answered with slight amusement.

"Care to tell the story, then?" Levi queried with a grin. As Beth was about to open her mouth to inform us all the juicy little details of Shawn and Mandy's little betrayal. The cafeteria door swings open and reveals the new couple. Both of them having huge smiles on their faces as asshole Shawn swings his arm on Mandy's shoulder.

"Speaking of the devils." Emily muttered as she continues to eat her lunch. I look over at Evan and his little gang's lunch table not only to see the furious look on his face, but furious was not even enough to describe it to be honest. The veins on his forehead looked like they were about to burst and he looked like he was about to murder someone at the moment. And even though I love watching him explode in complete and utter fury, I was still- in all honesty- a little bit pitiful at his situation.

I mean, if seeing your ex and your best friend (who I may recall just betrayed you) go all lovey dovey in front of you wasn't enough to make your blood boil in complete anger I don't know what is.

Both Shawn and Mandy took a seat in Mandy's little group's lunch table and just continued to have the big huge smiles on their faces get even wider. I then turn my attention back at Evan and just still saw the 'I hope both of you die and go to hell so that Satan can torture both of your asses in the underground' face. Jasper then meets my gaze and we were pretty much having a telepathic conversation at the moment. If we were actually talking to each other at this particular situation it would probably come out like this:

Jasper: What are we suppose to do?!

Me: I don't know! You're his best friend! Do something!

Jasper: What am I suppose to do?! Call Doctor Phil and ask him to make a therapy session for Evan while reciting a meaningful passage about love and betrayal, is that it?!

Me: I thought developing a friendship with the great Jasper Ben Wright will be a good cause in difficult situations?!

Jasper: Well not these sorts of situations!

That would pretty much how it would end if me and Jasper would think about an answer for this current problem - we'd both suck at it. And in all cases we'd just make the situation a lot worse. We broke eye contact and looked over at Mandy and Shawn.

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