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“What are you thinking?” Josh asked. I shrugged,


“I don’t know. I guess I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.”





Chapter 22:


Paige’s POV:


It was now Monday and I was once again rushing like crazy. Molly just looked at me and sighed loudly. I rolled my eyes,


“It’s not like I want to be late girl!” I said exasperated. I heard a buzz as I was hopping in my pants to get them on. I grabbed my cell and flipped it open,


Hey sweetie! Look I’m texting! Anyways, we’re having a family dinner tonight! Uncle Scott will be there, yay! See you tonight!~ Love Mom.


I felt like a large piece of lead suddenly dropped in my stomach. Shit this is not good. I began to feel panicky and replied with a shaky okay. I instantly called Josh,


“Hello?” I heard a groggy voice,


“Josh! What the hell are we going to do?! Uncle Scot is coming over tonight for a family dinner tonight! Oh my gosh! I can’t do this! He’s going to know as soon as he sees us!” I rushed out, jogging to my car so I wouldn’t be anymore late,



“Whoa! Slow down! It’s going to be okay Paige. Just take a deep breath and relax,” I did as he said while backing out of the driveway, “I promise I will be there with you and I know you can do this.” I felt better but I still felt that small ball of anxiety in my stomach. I let out a large breath,


“You’re right. I’m calm. Thanks Josh, sorry I woke you but you need to get your ass up and go apartment hunting.” He let out a tired laugh and yawned,


“Ya, ya. Whatever. I think I found one just down the road from you though. So you’ll be seeing more of me.” I faked out a groan,


“Awww! That sucks!” I whined, but he knew I was joking. I got off the phone with him once I made it to the parking lot and hurriedly got out and went inside. I spotted Jeff and smiled sheepishly at him.

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